Kraft Fudgies Wanted

We are beginning to get requests for the return of Kraft Fudgies. A quick search of the Kraft website shows NO Fudgies.

Please bring them back, 42 in a bag.

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  1. I love these when I was a kid I do not understand why they can’t make a comeback or even why they went away. I miss my fudgies

  2. bring em back been loking for a life time for these fudgies

  3. I’m 26 years old from Wylie Tx. I might be the youngest to comment on here but these candies hold a special place in my heart. My dad has worked for Kraft foods my entire life and I’ll never forget going with my mom to take him lunch and while we waited for him I would play in the main hall to the plant where they had a dish full of the Fudgies. I can still remember the smell of the factory and the sweet taste of the fudgies. I have tried to find substitutes but everything I’ve tried falls short. I would love to see these come back and get to relive a little of my childhood.

  4. Sept 4, 2015

    I found them at a 99 cent store, a 4oz bag. I see that Amazon is selling 12- 4oz bags for $27

  5. PLEASE bring back Fudgies. I looked forward to them every Christmas. Both of my parents are gone and most of my family, I need something from my past to bring joy back. You can keep the caramels, but PLEASE give me my Fudgies!

  6. I was just thinking, we used to get them around Halloween after they were discontinued by the bag, they’d mix a few in with the regular carmel squares. My girlfriend and I ate Fudgies like crazy. They used to sell them in a pack of 7 with the regular candy bars. We should bombard Kraft with a request, demand, whatever it takes, we’ll buy them!

  7. I also have great memories of fudgies Had to try to get the cover off the candy dish without my mom hearing me and then hiding the wrappers in the couch cushions. Now that I have told the truth won’t you PLEASE bring them back! I want my daughter to have the same experience.

  8. Found them @ King Soopers , Denver Colorado, in 95 &96, then they disappeared again. Really tired of losing classics because some young executive decides they’re outdated. It’s a call to arms from the greatest generation ever, for movement & change!!! Baby Boomers unite for our fudgies, Twinkies, Hostess cupcakes, and jelly rolls !!!!!!!!!!!

  9. WOW…..fudgies in the gold foil wrapper. Those were the days. They were so delicious. Bring them
    back, at least for the memories.

  10. My Grandmother use to bring Fudgies with her everytime she came to visit . I have looked everywhere for them. Please bring them back. They bring back fond memories.

  11. So happy to find there are still fudgkins out there like me.
    I still eat KRAFT Caramels but I miss the fun of pinching one Caramel together with a Fudgie and savoring the taste sensation.
    Please bring back the FUDGIES

  12. Pleeeease bring fudgies back. I still crave them.

  13. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease bring these back. I still crave a fudgie.

  14. Fudgies were the absolute best candy of all time! All you can get now are plain caramels and they don’t hold a candle to FUDGIES.

  15. Fudgies were always my favorite, but it seems like all the great old candies are gone–the junky ones live on forever, i.e., Smarties–YUCK.

  16. Fudgies are my favorite candy of all time. I am always looking for them hoping for their return. Please bring back one of the great american candies of all times!!!

  17. I LOVE Kraft Fudgies. Best candy ever!! I would eat the whole bag when I was pregnant. They are so very awesome!!! Bring them back!!! Please please please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Please bring back the Kraft Fudgies, My husband loves them. Please Please bring them back

  19. Kraft Fudgies – what a great childhood memory. The candy was delicious and the gold foil wrapper made them extra special. Please bring them back!

  20. Love to fudgies come back. Have looked for them everywhere

  21. OHHHHH. My very favorite candy ever. Mom would let me have it because it wasn’t as nasty on the teeth as caramel.

  22. Why not start a video that hopefully will go viral asking everyone to boycott KRAFT foods if they don’t market & bring back fudgies to the USA market?? Anyone out there good at making videos with catchy words – dance moves etc., to get Kraft’s attention? Might be fun and effective??!!

  23. I want Kraft Fudgies!!

  24. They were the best! Want them back. . . . PLEASE!

  25. Stumbled across an accetable substitute to fudgies from They sell a chocolate carmel though not exact still a close resemblance to fudgies. the texture is not as creamy but the fudgie flavor is there. If we could convince them to wrap in gold foil…

  26. need Fudgies!!! They were wonderful!!

  27. Please bring back the fudgies they were the best. Even if it is seasonal. I have looked every year at halloween christmas etc to find them. My grandmother loved them so much. Please bring them back……

  28. Please bring these wonderful candies back. I can remember getting a bag of fudgies at least once a week when I was younger. They were sooooo goood, I look for them every store I go in hoping that this will be the time I find them again. Nothing like those golden wrapped pieces of fudge. YUMM

  29. Not only did they taste great but I actually found a use for the wrapper. I always carried a bag in my car’s console. One evening while traveling together in our separate cars, my friend’s car blew the headlight fuse. Being many miles from any help, I placed the Fudgies wrapper around the headlight’s glass fuse. Clipping it back into the fuse holder, he was able to drive home with his headlights back in operation for the 90 minutedrive. I’ve told this story to many people over the years and would love to see them back on the store shelves. Who knows what other feat that fudge candy and wrapper might possibly accomplish.

  30. I loved them as a kid. I remember them mixed in with the carmels. The fudgies were the best.No candy today like fudgies. Miss them would love the share and enjoy the with my granddaugther.

  31. I loved them as a kid. I remeber them mixed in with the carmels. The fudgies were the best. No candy today like fudgies. Miss them. Would love to share and enjoy them with my granddaugther.

  32. Well, I’m in…we all want our Fudgies and NOW! Why sell them to people outside the USA when we’re the ones who made them so popular? And for good reason; they just plain taste great! We’ve been loyal, Kraft Co., so reward us with our favorite candy. BRING BACK THE FUDGIES!!


  34. Please bring back my kraft fudgies, they were the best. Every time there is something good on the market it gets discontinued, I’m in my 40’s and I remember this candy as a kid, I and my brother and sisters use to fight over them.. Please bring them back, they are by far one of my favorites…

  35. I loved Fudgies when I was a kid and as an adult. Approximately 15-20 years ago there was only one store in town that carried them… I would buy a bag or two every weekend. After a couple years this large discount drug store chain went out of business overnight. I have been in withdrawal ever since.

  36. 3,000,000 people looking for Kraft fudgies and
    Kraft won’t make them.
    Can I shame you into making them again ?

  37. Sure would be great to have a Kraft Fudgie again.

  38. One of the many candy arguments when I grew up was who was going to get one of the fudgies from the Kraft caramel bag. Oh please please please bring them back for us.

  39. I would get so excited when my mother would come home from the grocery store with Fudgies!! We all loved them. Why are they no longer available?? Every year I search the web to see IF Kraft will please bring them back!!!

  40. Please do bring these wonderful treats back for us. I too look for them in the grocery store and I will make that phone call ASAP!!

  41. I used to save all the fudgies from my lunch for Friday when school was over. Look at my View Master and eat my fudgies. I’m 46 now and still miss them!

  42. Fudgies are my absolute favorite candy while growing up. They were addictive. (My dentist loved them too!) It’s a shame that manufacturers today, too intent on selling any junk they make in China, don’t listen to what people care about and want.

  43. I sure miss them. Making fudge just is not the same. Please
    bring them back

  44. Please bring back FUDGIES!
    They had to be one of the best candies ever.
    Please! I promise I’ll buy them forever!

  45. I am 77 years old and remember the taste of fudgies to this
    day. My husband and daughter and I were just talking about the
    fudgies and wishing they would come back. I can remember my mother
    buying them and then us. How could you discontinue such a wonderful
    candy? There is no candy on the market to compare to fudgies. The
    candy made today cannot compare with the candy from years ago. So
    please bring them back and use a good ad campaign to let consumers
    know they are available and I am sure you will be flooded with
    sales. Thank you Gina Wynne

  46. When I was young my Mom would buy Kraft Fudgies for my Dad. One day I tried one and was hooked. I kept going back util the whole bag was gone. After that my Mom would buy two bags of Kraft fudgies on our weekly grocery trips. Please bring them back.

  47. I too am on the search for either Fudgies or the recipe. Heck, if I can figure out where else they’re sold, I’ll mail order overseas. Where are they sold? I joined the Bring Back Kraft Fudgies facebook group. 🙂

  48. If Kraft won’t bring them back – they need to privide consumers with the recipe!

  49. Please bring back, would love to share them with my children like my mother did.

  50. I look every year in hopes to find that Kraft Fudgies Candy are back. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK – SOON!

  51. Bring ’em back. Particularly in the holiday season, we miss the great taste of the Kraft Fudgie. They are an important part of my holiday memories.

  52. I need my fudgies back. I loved them. Im saddened that they arent made in the US anymore and havent for a while.
    Please Kraft listen to us. FUDGIES FUDGIES

  53. Please bring back the fudgies…. every time I go to the store I check the bags of carmels to see if there are any in the bag!!!

  54. A very special memory, My Dad loved these things,,,BRING THEM BACK ,,,,PLEASE

  55. i am 48 years old, i remember eating fudgie squares that were wrapped in gold foil paper.
    they were heavenly. i have been looking for them and i heard they are sold outside the US
    but not in the US. Please Please Please bring back Kraft Fudgies. i miss them so.o.o.o

  56. My mother is 76 years old and I do her shopping. Recently she put Fudgies on her list. I really hate to have to tell her they no longer make them. She has so few enjoyments in her life these days. Please Kraft, bring them back! We all loved them and you are missing a great opportunity!

  57. Fudgies were the best candy ever. It would have been in the 60’s for me. I would ask for them before bedtime. I would get two and then happily go to bed. If Kraft would bring back Fudgies, and Thomas would bring back Datenut Bread, my life would be complete.=)

  58. I have been thinking about and searching for Kraft Fudgies for years. My mom used to buy them all the time. They were so good and I loved the gold wrapper. Please bring them back so I can have them at my bed and breakfast for all my guests!

  59. It’s great to know that I’m not the only one in search of Kraft Fudgies. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK.

  60. Hey. I am 27 years old and I remember eating Fudgies with my mom when I was in grade school. I LOVED THEM! STILL DO! MY MOTHER AND I MISS THEM! Every time I am in the grocery store I do a double-take on the similar shaped caramels and then look to see if there is a bag of Fudgies sitting next to them, and then get dissapointed when I see that there isn’t. They bring back a lot of memories… I always wondered why they would take something so fantastic off of the grocery shelves.

    My grandfather also knew a man who worked in factory that made something like the Fudgies. They tasted similar, and they were shaped exactly the same, but they were not in the gold wrapping. They were ok, but they were NOT as good as Fudgies. My grandfather is now passed away so I don’t eat those anymore. But really, all I want is the Fudgies, nothing fake, or something like it. I want the real thing – Fudgies. They’re awesome!

    Every time I’m at the grocery store, I look for the Fudgies bag. Hopefully someday soon, I will look down and actually pick one up. : )

  61. i used to get these fudgies all the time at the great american grocery store in upstate new york. up until 1987 and then i could barely find them after that. the closest ive come to the taste of the fudgies is the chocolate fudge EXLAX SHIT TABLETS!!

  62. I quite agree with all of the individuals making themselves heard here — definitely need to see the return of the Fudgie. Perhaps it should become a focal point for a politician……i.e. the “Fudgie” vote!

  63. Hi again everyone! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE become a fan on Bring back Kraft Fudgies! on facebook…we really need all the support we can get! The more fans we get = better chances of getting Kraft to re-launch these little bite sized morsels of chocolate heaven!!! Become a fan today! See you there!!

  64. What is wrong with the world today? We are missing the fudgie candy! Please Kraft bring the candy back.

  65. I miss my fudgies. My mom would buy them every week for my dad and I. We were allowed to have 2 each per day. It was so hard to wait. I miss them:(

  66. Ok Kraft listen up we have been asking you to bring back Fudgies for over 2 years now. Does this not show how loyal we are. The Fudgie fans are not going away so bring them back and make us all happy.


  68. Hey everyone come to my facebook page “Bring back Kraft Fudgies”…we’re 22 loyal fudgie fans…but we need more so Kraft will bring them back…WE NEED ALL THE FANS WE CAN GET!!!

  69. I remember them in the caramel bags there might be two or three at most. Then when I found them in there own bag I would buy a bag every time I went to the store. I would love to see them back in stores.

  70. I’m dying for fudgies. Please bring them back.

  71. As a child Fudgies were my moms favorite candy and to have shared them with her is a memory I would love to relive while I still have the chance.

  72. I just called Kraft (1-800-323-0768) to ask them about bringing back this product which they discontinued in 1996 because sales were low. They said they would need Consumers to call and ask for it to be brought back. I pointed out that I had seen people ask about bringing back Fudgies on a number of websites and to just Google it to confirm there is a demand. They said they would check into it and that calls are always appreciated.

  73. Yes! Bring back the fudgies!!! I loved them and so did my students! We even created a special “Fudgie” award for excelling band students. We made a 12″ square plush stuffed fudgie that the top student kept for the year. Lots of fun!

  74. Please bring the fudgies back they were my favorite

  75. Me, too! I miss Fudgies. Just had a foil-wrapped sugar-free chocolate calcium tablet. It tasted just like fudgies but, since they are a calcium supplement, they cost considerably more. Everytime I have one, I’m reminded of fudgies and can’t understand why even some facsimile of this candy is not available anywhere!

  76. Just turned 59 been looking for Fudgies for years. Would love for my daughters and granddaughters to have a taste of heaven. Please give us back our Fudgies.

  77. I can’t believe there are so many of us in our 50’s who remember the best caramel ever…I would often bring a handful to the all day matinees we once enjoyed…wow…those were the days. I wonder if we can ever experience the kraft fudgie gold wrapped treasure again. Perhaps if we could get the recipe..that would be the start
    of a new small business. In the meantime, how is it we don’t even know how or who we can purchase these gems from? Does anyone know?

  78. If you will make these Fudgies available, I will buy a truckload of them!!!
    I called Kraft several years ago and asked about
    these, and I was told that the closest place for me to buy them was just a couple hundred miles away from me in a little town. For heaven’s sake, I live in Tucson, AZ and I can’t find them.
    I am serious about the truckload. I will sell them at the swap meet.

  79. Fudgies! Forget buying Cadbury bring back a real market winner for Kraft. Us pre-generation Xers will flock to the product!

  80. I used to look forward to going to the the store and picking up a bag of these candies. They were the best. I remember them being in whole bags and also mixed in with the caramels. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE if they would bring these back! Nothing else like them in the WORLD!!!!!

  81. Please bring back the Kraft Fudgies – they were always my favorite treat.

  82. please, please, please I agree with Mandy and all the others – bring back the fudgies!!! there is not another candy on the market like it – so many fun memories tied up in this candy for me – and my all time favorite ….

  83. O.K….so good to know I’m not crazy!! I’ve asked & talked about Fudgies for years!! I’d always get that weird look…”What? Fudgies?” Finally a whole page of loyal Fudgie fans!! MUST HAVE FUDGIES!! Kraft….bring Fudgies back man!!
    Write Kraft @ Kraft Foods Global, Inc.
    Consumer Relations
    1 Kraft Court
    Glenview, Illinois 60025

    Call Kraft @ 1-800-323-0768 (9 AM-9PM. Weekdays, EST)

    Tell ’em we want our fudgies back right here in the USA!!

  84. I agree with everyone. I was just speaking with my brother and we were talking about childhood memories and fudgies were one of our favorites. Our dad would put them in the freezer and they were so delicious. NOW is a great time to bring them back. Tis the season…wrap them in gold and silver foil. Merry Christmas. Then you can continue to wrap them in gold after Christmas. So many people have no idea how great how great this candy really is. Please Bring them Back! Thanks

  85. Please bring back the fudgies

  86. Please bring Fudgies back!! My mom, sister and I love them. We search for them always with no luck. Please bring them back!!

  87. I so miss the fudgies, I have searched to find something close with no luck! Pretty Please bring them back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. I have been looking for these for several years! Any chance of them coming back? They were one of my mother’s favorites as well as one of mine. I found them a few times and then they disappeared. I can’t believe they discontinued these–they were so good!

  89. I absolutely love Kraft Fudgies. I have been looking for them for years now, thinking it was only me. I didn’t know they had stopped making them. I even searched on line for the stores that have them, which is how I found this website.
    Please bring them back.

  90. Please, PLEASE, Please bring back the Kraft Fudgies. I am 63 and I remember getting whole bags of them. I have been craving them for a long time and cannot find them anywhere. Please have MERCY on me and MAKE, MAKE the Fudgies again.

  91. I am 61 years old and I can remember the very first time I tasted a Kraft Fudgie just like yesterday. I cannot help but believe that they cannot be brought back. It was one of the best candies ever. Do us and Kraft a favor and BRING BACK THE FUDGIE!!!!!!!!

  92. Love love love the fudgies. They were definitely a big part of HALLOWEEN when I was a kid. Please bring them back… even if it’s just seasonal! PLEASE!

  93. I loved those candies as a kid. I was wondering what ever happened to them, they were sooooo good. BRING THEM BACK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. I am 52 years and i have to say tonight i was in candy section and i had a flashback for the best candy ever produced. I think it was its simplicity and the sheer ectascy it delievered, you would always have to eat another. My Aunt would treat us with these in the sixties, but she had to hide and parcel them out. It is amazing to think of all the choices kids have now, and ours were so limited, but when they are our age will they miss anything powerfull enough to arouse cravings and thoughts , when they are in their 50’s. Everyone on this page knows how amazing these were,i enjoyed reading your comments

  95. Fudgies! Please bring them back. They certainly gave Tootsie rolls a run back in the day. They were the best. Kids today need to experience them too.

  96. Fudgies were soooooooooo GOOD!! I looked for them for years and finally gave up. If you make them we will buy them!!!! PLEASE!!!

  97. Please bring back fudgies! My mother didn’t drive while I was growing up, so when I started driving her to the grocery store the one thing I requested for my services was a bag of fudgies. It was a win/win situation. She got a driver and I got my bag of fudgies. I don’t know why carmels are still avialable, but fudgies have been taken off the shelves. Bring them back!

  98. Bring back the Kraft Fudgies. I understand they still make them, just not for sale in the Great USA. Kraft is a USA company. What the Great People aren’t good enough to sell to anymore.

    Kraft bring back the bags of Fudgies.

  99. Recently, my local Kroger has been selling deli-made chocolate fudge for around $2.00 for a big slice. It is about 1/2″ thick, and being a different size than standard fudge I decided to try it. I was blown away by the taste – Kraft Fudgies!! It tasted just like them! I told my mother, who didn’t believe me at first. When she got her own, she too was amazed! So, look for the fudge at your Kroger. It’s as close as we can get to Fudgies until Kraft brings them back! 🙂

  100. I sure miss these! When I was a little girl, I remember these treats! Please bring them back!

  101. i remember these! They were soooo gooood! remember the gold foil wrapper . Pleaseeeeeeeee bring them baaack

  102. my mom would buy a bag once a week when she went to the grocery store. They never lasted more than a few hours.. I would love to have them back again.

  103. I didn’t think anyone besides me would be craving Fudgies. I ate them in my childhood. So much better than anything out there.

  104. I’m glad to hear that others miss Fudgies too! They were the best+ I’m sure would be profitable for Kraft. I have many fond Fudgie memories.

  105. I have been looking for Fudgies for years!! I had begun to think I was crazy….did they really exist??? I can recall my daddy buying bags of Kraft carmels and allowing me to dig through the bag for the single Fudgie that was placed in each bag of carmels. Mmmmm….what I wouldn’t do for a Fudgie. 🙂

  106. I, too, have been wishing I could find the old fudgies. They were the best! Has anyone ever found a recipe?

  107. Doesn’t Kraft realize what they are doing to us who are craving those delicious Fudgies? I WANT MY FUDGIES!!!!!! PLEASE, KRAFT, BRING THEM BACK!!!

  108. I can’t believe Kraft stopped making the Fudgies. Don’t they know what a huge following there is for these gold wrapped candies? Just thinking about them makes me crave that rich fudgy taste.

  109. Loved the Kraft Fudgie- I managed to find them for few years but please bring them back.

  110. Just seeing the picture brings back cravings!! Doesn’t Kraft know they would go over well!!! BRING THEM BACK

  111. My aunt always had a bowl of them in her living room–the “elegant” gold foil wrappers made them living-room appropriate. I miss the huge flavor of those little cubes. (I think of them every time my kids think bouillon cubes are candy!) Please, Kraft, bring them back!

  112. I hope they bring back the Kraft fudgies!!! I loved these so much when I was a kid! I still remember how they tasted, there’s nothing else like them! They were the best candy ever!!

  113. I used to eat them when i was young.. i dont remember the whole bags of them–just the few that were in the Kraft caramel bags.. My mom used to save them all for me and i LOVED them.. i want some!!! we have looked for them every where we have been/traveled… I hate that they are not around!

  114. Please! My kingdom for a “Fudgie”!

  115. We lived in West Virginia when I was young, every week went to the grocery store I my older brother Steve and younger sister all each got on bag of candy.Steve always got his Fudgies I would love to order him some and surprise him…… Get them back asap……… Thanks Susan Lugo

  116. Yeah baby–Kraft Fudgies!

    I always took a bag with me during my backpacking days in the ’70s. Quick energy, you know. Plus they just plain tasted great. Loved that gold foil wrap too. How could Kraft have discontinued this venerable product?

    Bring ’em back!

    Tom Frieling

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