Fun At Duck-In

Duck-In Seafood RestaurantHow much fun was the late Duck-In? We started up a Facebook fan book for the late, great restaurant in Virginia Beach. It opened in 1952, and closed in August 2005. It was torn down in December, 2005. We would love for some folks to post some memories.

Now the question for the international readership. How does one keep alive a regional restaurant brand like the Duck-In. Every city has their local joints that have cult followings. In this case, the real estate became so valuable in the last real estate boom that it overshadowed the value of the actual business. The restaurant was torn down, and the condo never got built.

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  1. My wife and I went to the Duck-In with a party of 25 or more people in 1975. The food and service were outstanding.
    Last year we searched for it again. (We had lived out of state for over 20 years.)
    We wish they had never closed.

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