Brandweek’s Bad Brand Extensions

MR. Clean CAr WashThe latest issue of Brandweek has good and bad brand extensions. They all were voted as part of Brandweek’s “Best and Worst Line Extensions of 2008.”

We love bad brand extensions. Brandweek’s worst one? Burger King underwear. Ahh, isn’t “Home of the Whopper” a funny allusion.

Others in the worst category include Kellogg’s hip-hop street wear, Twining’s Coffee, Playboy energy drink and Allstate Green insurance.

Among the best:

Among the worst:



  1. Your link for “Mr. Clean Performance Car Wash” is wrong. It links to V8 site. Great site I’ll have to read through some more.

  2. To me, the worst brand extension of ALL time has got to be Bayer’s foray into lawn & garden chemicals. Bayer–the name means healing, medicine, aspirin, right? It does NOT mean killing, poison, beetle grub eliminator! Bayer AG really, really needs a unique name brand for their line of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers–gee whiz!

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