Brandweek: Brands Face the Great Depression

Uplifting in a difficult time

In a new article from Brandweek, Managing Editor Robert Klara takes an in-depth look at the hottest new thing in marketing: the Great Depression. Companies like Allstate Insurance have been stressing assets like home, family and quality time in recent ads– themes that are more resonant and uplifting from Depression era – things were bad, but everybody was in the same boat.

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Historian Bruce Weindruch, whose Chantilly, Virginia-based consultancy The History Factory uses companies’ founding stories to develop their branding messages, adds that “the Allstate ads are the closest in tone to those best ads of the Great Depression: Now that we’re over the immediate shock, it’s time to begin preparing for the future. This is a much more sophisticated, and, I would argue, effective, approach.”

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  1. Would be nice if a consultant could make some money convincing Home Town Buffet to bring back “Slop” as a proper dish. The average age of their patrons would find it nostalgic.

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