Thinking Louis Sherry Ice Cream

NEW YORK –  We are so over Ben and Jerry’s, and are tired of hippie wanna-bes with pierced crap in their noses and lips serving us overpriced ice cream, all the while standing next to guilt-inducing tipjars. We are so tired of them that we don’t even care if it’s an “and” or an ampersand.

We say this. If you have to pay $5 bucks for a cone, you might as well get something worth five bucks. That something would be Louis Sherry, though we have to admit, we’d only pay a buck for the tasty honey roll cone at right.

You know Louis Sherry. That elite little ice cream and candy brand. Yes, we do like Sealtest or High’s Ice Cream. And Carvel’s cake is great.

But somehow, we very and most fondly remember Louis Sherry.

Vermont born Louis Sherry (1855-1926) was an important restaurateur and caterer to the Gilded Age. Beginning at the Brunswick Hotel at 26th St & Fifth Avenues, then the Elberon Hotel in Elberon, N.J, he eventually opened a restaurant at 38th Street and 6th Avenue. His obituary from the Woodlawn Cemetery website goes this way:

When the ‘Mikado’ opened in New York, Sherry cornered the market in Japanese parasols and ornaments used in cake decoration. He began to receive orders from the carriage trade. He said of this, ‘Nothing goes further with dainty people than dainty decorations.’

The restaurant closed during the Depression. Sherry apparently had some problem with “Bolsheviks” and couldn’t stomach the commies. Atlas Shrugged! You bet.

According to a 1950 Time magazine article, the brand was partly owned by Mrs. Lucius M. Boomer, who was the widow of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel’s longtime board chairman. Boomer founded the confectionery company with the late Louis Sherry after Sherry’s fashionable Fifth Avenue restaurant closed down. According to USPTO searches, the name was owned by Borden and Beatrice Foods.

Sherry and Boomer together developed The Sherry-Netherland (781 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10022-1046, 212-355-2800, where residents could eat from the Sherry kitchen. Thankfully, it’s still around, keeping the Sherry legacy alive.


  1. my dad metioned this ice cream he said it was expensive but the taste was worth it. aw man! i wish i could try some of this ice cream!

  2. many wedding receptions took place at louis sherrys on park ave in the mid 40’s.when did it close??

  3. I located a Louis Sherry inc. stock certificate.
    Is this certificate, still listed on any stock exchange?
    or have any value?

  4. vorrei assaggiare i gelati luis sharry. ma in italia ci sono?

  5. Hi Ron,

    If you are interested in selling the stock certificate my friend is a decedent of Louis Sherry and she collects many of the memorabilia.

    1. Just bought a 1921 Louis Sherry stamped silver plated lidded creamer in art nouveau style. Believe it may have been part of his catering kit after he closed his restaurant in 1919. Gorgeous heavy (1 lb. 2 oz) piece with heavy patina. Has an attached drip plate and the lid is hinged for filling. Do you think your friend would be interested? Thanks!

  6. I also have located an old stock certificate of Louis Sherry Inc and wonder if there is any interest in it.

  7. Hi,
    My mother-in-law is the granddaughter of Louis Sherry and she grew up in New York at the restaurant and in the Sherry Netherland hotel. We would be very interested in buying the old stock certificate of Louis Sherry Inc. We would also love to talk to the friend of Paul who is a decendent of Louis Sherry to find out the connection. My mother-in-law’s maiden name is Virginia Sherry

    1. Just bought a 1921 Louis Sherry stamped silver plated lidded creamer in art nouveau style. Believe it may have been part of his catering kit after he closed his restaurant in 1919. Gorgeous heavy (1 lb. 2 oz) piece with heavy patina. Has an attached drip plate and the lid is hinged for filling. Do you think your friend would be interested? Thanks!

    2. I have a 500 share certificate of Louis Sherry stock. Are you interested in buying it?

  8. louis sherry’s cherry vanilla had whole cherries in it many of them to be exact it was awesome — glenn leslie

  9. Was there ever any more beautiful packaging than the purple chosen to package the ice cream and the candies.
    My grandfather and grandmother Peter and Edna Koch knew Louis Sherry. I heard the name mentioned quite often over the years. …long after Mr. Sherry had passed away.

  10. I also have located an old stock certificate of Louis
    Sherry Inc and wonder if there is any interest in it. please
    contact me

  11. Is his ice cream still available anywhere? As a kid and young adult I would eat only this ice cream. It was incredible. I have been searching to find out if they are still in business. If so, PLEASE let me know where I can get it.

  12. As a kid in Queens, NY, I’d spend weekends at my Aunt Rose’s and she always gave me Louis Sherry ice cream – it was the best!!!

  13. My wife just bought some “Butter Brittle” and I remembered the best in the world from Louis Sherry, Butter Brickle

  14. I
    remember eating Louis Sherry ice cream in
    Louis Sherry candy store was located in
    East Atlantic Beach Long /Long Beach it was near Brookline and Beach Blvd in the early 40’s. It was the best ice cream I ever tasted. It was so rich the vanilla was slightly yellow from the butterfat. It wouldn’t completely harden. I brought it home to my folks one day and they wouldnt eat anything else.

  15. I am attempting to find a retail shop that sells Louis
    Sherry chocolates. I am only able able to locate places that have other Louis Sherry products. I
    would appreciate it very much if someone would
    contact me. I am the Jack Dobrow from Florida,not
    the one from New York. If you are interested in
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  16. there never was and never will be another ice cream like Louis Sherry. What happy memories it evokes. Thank you, God, for Louis Sherry.

  17. I was born in Brooklyn, NY (Nov 1932). I remember Louis Sherry Ice Cream very well. Wonderful! I have a 9 1/2 long Louis Sherry ice cream scoop, heavy stainless steel with a 5 inch fine wooden handle. Maybe a rare item?

  18. I grew up eatting plenty of Lewis Sherry ice cream. My father worked at the plant at 777 Kent Ave in Brooklyn. As a kid I was there a few times and remember getting to taste the ice cream right after it came out of the machine, talk about ice cream flavor!!!!!

  19. My favorite was Butter Almond/Chocolate. Used to buy it at Safeway Stores in Maryland. Would love to have some again!

  20. i found a stock certificate dated 1968. Louis Sherry, Inc. any value in it?

  21. I have a 1950″s plug in sign 18 inches by 14 inches… I perfect condition… Still works… I would rather give it to the family if they would like to buy it… I had it in my store for many years.

  22. It says only Louis Sherry on the sign and is purple in the backround

  23. They still sell Louis Sherry chocolates at The Plaza Food Hall in New York. I bought some for my mom for mothers day and they were delicious!

  24. They sell Louis Sherry chocolates at Mary Mahoney on Worth Ave in Palm Beach. Definitely some of the best chocolates I have ever had. Actually stumbled upon this website looking for somewhere I can order some online but cant seem to find any.

  25. I have engaged in a life-long search for an ice cream that tastes like Louis Sherry’s vanilla (or is it French vanilla) ice cream my grandmother used to serve me. The closest I have come to is Haagen Dazs’ rum raisin — only because I remember a slightly alcoholic taste to it. Does anybody have other suggestions?

  26. Please let me know where I might get Louis Sherry Vanilla Bean ice cream. It was the absolute best. I now live in Maine. There must be some distributor. It was available in Columbus, OH several years ago. It’s got to be available somehow.

  27. Where or Where can I taste Louis Sherry’s vanilla ice cream once again? It is the Standard by which I judge all vanilla ice cream. My mother would take me to the local drugstore on Linden Blvd. and help me climb up on an ice cream parlor chair. Then she would bring me this dish from Heaven. It was pale yellow and had flecks of vanilla bean throughout.

  28. In the late 1970’s I lived right across the street from a Louis Sherry Ice factory in Kent Ave Brooklyn NY, there work several nice gentlemen who every Friday use to bring boxes of free Ice cream for the kids in the block, I remember it being a great tasting ice cream, it use to be so fresh I think it closed down in the 1980’s it was sad to see the factory close down, please back fun memories.

  29. My father worked for Louis sherry. He would bring home tons of this delicious treat. At times we did not have enough room in our freezer. This ice cream was sooooo yummy…. I was a little girl from Brooklyn.

  30. I worked at a luncheonete on 84th St and 37th Ave in Jackson Heights, NY during WWll. About 1943-45. Started picking up the newspapers dropped off at 82 st and Roosevelt ave. Was eleven years old. They served Louis Sheri ice cream. Remember when the vanilla came with vanilla bean seed. Took awhile for customers to stop complaining about the specks. The owners were brothers, of Greek descent. They taught me to work the fountain and started me cooking. They sold the store and bought one out in Jamaica on Supthen Blvd. Went to work there about 1947, left in 1949 when I joined the Navy

  31. Arnolds Drug Store on Purchase Street, Rye
    usedd to sell Louis Sherry Ice Cream…..
    the strawberry flavor was soooo good and itd
    had real strawberrys in it….I wonder if they
    still make it somewhere……..

  32. I have not tasted a brand of ice cream that can compare to Louis Sherry ice cream. It was more expensive than the competitors, but more than worth it. I loved their chocolate flavor!!!! It seemed like the perfect blend: light, whipped, smooth, and not too sweet; almost perfectly sweet. I have raved about Louis Sherry for years. So much so, that many of my friends and family searched high and lo to find it for me and to taste if for themselves. All to no avail. I truly wish that Louis Sherry would make a new grand entrance. I am certain that ice cream lovers would marvel, taste, enjoy, and become Louis Sherry loyalists. I’d love to see Louis Sherry return to the market unchanged and true to its original recipe and packaging. Wow o wow….. It’s awesome. .. a one of a kind experience.

    1. totally agree..i am not sure what was so special about it but it was a truly special ice cream brand.

  33. I’m still pining for Their SWISS CHOCOLATE ALMOND!!! THE FINEST ever!!!
    Please Oh Please Someone BRING IT BACK!!! We haven’t had it since the 70’s!!!

    *******AND CHARGE $7 A PINT!!!*******
    *******TOTALLY WORTH IT!*******

  34. Back in the late 1970s, in the Washington D.C./Northern Virginia/Maryland area, Louis Sherry ice cream was sold in several supermarket chains, including Giant Foods. The rum raisin flavor, for some reason, was marketed there only during the Thanksgiving/Christmas period. When it hit the freezer shelves, word spread fast, and folks rushed to get the stuff before it was gone. There were even telephone networks in use to pass the word, so popular was this variety among knowledgeable residents of the region. I have been long gone from that area and have no idea whether it is still sold there or not, either seasonally or otherwise.

  35. I worked at the “French” Tea room ( run by some wonderful Greeks) at West 181st street in the summer of 1961. We had Louis Sherry ice cream there it was delicious. The strawberry ice cream had straw berries as big as golf balls. my favorite was pistachio. An ice cream soda made with chocolate soda and pistachio icecream was to die for as was a pineapple soda with their choclate ice cream.

  36. Donald Fox. I have the ice cream scoop as well. Recv’d as a gift in 1976. I use it all the time…cuts through hard ice cream when others utensils will not

  37. My Father’s pet name for me was Louie, because my nickname was Sherry and the only ice cream I liked was Louis Sherry Cherry Vanilla – what a sweet memory!

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