Country Classic Cars; Wish We Were There

STAUNTON, Illinois – We ran across the website of Country Classic Cars. Man, do they have some good stuff.

A great old Willys Overland Jeep, 1949, only $8950.

Ford Ranch Wagon, 1966

Above, a Ford Ranch Wagon, 1966, only $3,950.

But I am really Jones-ing for this Chrysler Newport.

GM or Chrysler ought to buy out a dealer like this, just to keep their fingers on their old brand legacies. They won’t of course, but you can still have some fun poking around their website and wishing you could drive one out TOMORROW.

Country Classic Cars  2149 E. Frontage Rd.  Staunton, IL 62088, Phone: 618-635-7056


  1. Got some feedback from a reader…..

    The Country Classic Cars is located only about 40 miles from downtown St. Louis — probably about the same distance, or just a few miles more, from the St. Louis airport, so if you are ever at the airport waiting for a connecting flight, you should rent a car for a couple hours and drive on out there.

  2. This is really awesome. The classic cars are fantastic. They are one of the high expensive cars with good performance. Classic cars have very classy design and they still look awesome. Thanks Garland for this post on classic cars and this is really awesome. I have visited many shows of classic cars and I own one of them. Yes the Country Classic Cars is an amazing place. This is really awesome.

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