This could be good time for Lenox, and all things American. When the virus goes, people will want to have the family over for a large dinner. And in a time when we spend $1,000 for caterers or supplies for a dinner, why not spend the same amount for something decent, and not Pottery Barn, to serve it on.MORE HERE

ASTORIA, QUEENS – After the bankruptcy of the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, yearly customers of the company’s Jane Parker fruitcakes were left bereft of their favorite holiday treat. However, two Long Island food entrepreneurs, brothers Alex and Chris Ronacher, have revived the historic brand, which was nearly asMORE HERE

Nearly every consumer brand gets some play around Christmas, yet some brands are more distinctly associated with Christmas than others. Below, some posts from BrandlandUSA directly relating to Christmas, which is both a religious holiday and a secular consumer tradition. Below, some of the stories in no particular order. ChristmasMORE HERE

Here, the famous song with Hillside Singers in a late 1970s commercial for Coca-Cola. Below is the original. And below is Lorri Hafer, who was the original lead, along with the Shaw Brothers, who performed the music. Interestingly, introducing the video is Herb Oscar Anderson, WABC morning man and fatherMORE HERE

A few Christmas stories on our main site, BrandlandUSA: CBS: Bring Back the “Special” Intro Bergdorf’s Still There! New Folgers “Peter” Commercial In Heavy Rotation A&P Has a Fruitcake Strategy Thinking Shiny Brite Ornaments X-mas Trinkets Mean 4-ever Advertising Heat Miser Returns; Shows Value in Rankin Bass Animation Brand TheMORE HERE

On this Christmas, Brandlandusa thinks Christmas. Some stories: True story of the Folgers “Peter is Home” Commercial Barton’s Candy and Chocolate Sevigny’s Christmas Ribbon Candy All the stories tagged “Christmas” in BrandlandUSA Shiny Brite Ornaments History Bring Back Miller & Rhoads Heat Miser Returns on ABC Family special Christmas ListMORE HERE

“One of the classic Christmas commercials is the Folgers “Peter” commercial where college student “Peter” comes home for Christmas in a VW Bug, during a snowstorm, and makes Folgers coffee with his little sister. BrandlandUSA has an interview with Peter. Peter is actually Greg Wrangler, and he is still busyMORE HERE