We ran across an old ad for Stanley Warner, the film company and conglomerate. S.H. Fabian was President of the company in 1964; they had offices at 1585 Broadway in New York. They are a great example of the conglomerate era, where disparate businesses were assembled for no particular reasonMORE HERE

Our reader, Bill O’Neill of the St. Louis firm of Senniger Powers LLP, alerted us to this image from a 1930’s Cat’s Paw package. It was the image that was filed with the USPTO when the trademark was renewed in 2006. We have to say, shoes are much better (andMORE HERE

First used in 1904, Cat’s Paw is one of the great American brands. The cat, according to the book Symbols of America, was designed by Lucian Bernhard for the Cat’s Paw Company of Baltimore. Bernhard is a famed German graphic designer who is best known for the font Bernhard, andMORE HERE