LONDON – Woolworths Group PLC, one of the last remaining pieces of America’s F.W. Woolworth Company, might have a saviour for its brand. While the company, which is in bankruptcy administration, would be shut down, there are apparently groups interested in the company’s intellectual property, including the brand. In addition,MORE HERE

American Dollar Stores Provide a Viable Model LONDON – Decades of missteps and a brutal retail recession have hurt the British retailer Woolworth’s, which was one of the few surviving legacies of the giant F.W. Woolworth Co., a company that closed in the U.S. in the late 1990s. In mid-November,MORE HERE

If you are in any way connected to the business of the Yellow Pages anywhere in America, we had a frightening thing happen in my neighborhood this week. This Saturday, a white van drove around the neighborhood very slowly and began dropping things on stoops. The white van was droppingMORE HERE

If KLM and Air France can keep their unique identities after a merger, then why can’t Delta and Northwest keep their identities? This week, Landor Associates, the branding firm, redid the positioning of KLM, Royal Dutch Airlines. This was to help build on KLM’s long heritage. KLM is part ofMORE HERE

A reader writes: “I remember Fancy Fruit Life Savers being my favorites as a boy and I cannot seem to find them anywhere … Discontinued? What’s the story? I’ve seen Tropical Fruits available but rarely … Hmmm” Yes,  you are not imagining things, dear BrandlandUSA Reader. Life Savers are aMORE HERE

Looking back on the potential demolition of New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania for a fancy new headquarters for Merrill Lynch, my how the tides have turned! Investment banking is a national disgrace, and now must redeem itself. It will take a generation, at least. But the duress on Wall Street hasMORE HERE