DEERFIELD, IL – Walgreens has a nifty new store brand for store-branded groceries. It’s called Nice, and it tries to take a snazzy approach to the basics, including coffee, rice and the like. Notice it’s “TM” rather than “R” on the packages. Interesting choice of a very generic word forMORE HERE

For those of us who grew up with the Wisk “Ring Around the Collar” commercials, Wisk is synonymous for getting rid of rings. The brand’s new owners, Sun Products Corp. of Wilton, Conn., have launched a Facebook campaign to get a new generation interested in the brand, this time throughMORE HERE

Beats Starbucks? A recent study from Consumer Reports, published on Yahoo, looked at coffee from blind taste tests, including all brands. Their verdict? We quote Consumer Reports: Chock full o’Nuts and Maxwell House have pushed coffee that’s “heavenly” and “good to the last drop” since 1932 and 1907, respectively. ButMORE HERE