Yet another old brand of bourbon whiskey has a new life, the Kentucky Senator brand. Kentucky Senator was originally distilled and bottled by Crigler & Crigler (1874-1916) of Covington, Kentucky, and later by Double Springs Distillers, Inc. of Bardstown. The 2021 revival of the brand is led by Kentucky SenatorMORE HERE

The whirlwind of newly revived brands continues. A number of very interesting classics have returned, many with great potential. Just to name a few: Jawa Bicycles: In Mumbai, the company Classic Legends Private Limited, part of the Indian company Mahindra and Mahindra, has revived revived the classic Jawa motorcycle brand. TheMORE HERE

There are so many great old soda brands that are no longer around. One of the more clever, graphic wise, is Like, which was a diet version of 7Up. Here, a bottle in the Morattico Waterfront Museum in Morattico, Virginia. The museum is the old Morattico Country Store, which alsoMORE HERE

Does the real sugar Coke taste better than your local bottler’s version? Mexican Coke has sugar, though not all Coca-Cola sold in Mexico has sugar. It was originally sold in the U.S. for Mexican expats, but grew and is now sold across the country as a specialty item. The U.S.MORE HERE

Florida writer Sandra Friend, editor of the Florida Hikes site, reminds BrandlandUSA about Schweppes Bitter Lemon. Can you find me a source for Schweppes Bitter Lemon in Florida, Garland? I got SO hooked on it in Europe. Perfect drink for a hot day. And hey, it beats off malaria, too!MORE HERE

It’s back 40 years for Pepsi (NYSE: PEP), which is again offering an old-style Pepsi. At right, a stack of Pepsi cartons at the Publix at Bay in Sarasota. It’s a trick right out of the Old Coke playbook, and it has fans happy. Richmond writer Mariane Matera says onMORE HERE

Missing your old friends in the fridge, or at the beer cooler? It could be that your favorite beer brand is gone. While some brands are making a comeback, other brands are still in the tank, as of 2008. Fortune magazine’s Beth Kowitt surveyed the top 99 oldest beers inMORE HERE

Great American brand names, when they return, not only elicit a burst of happy nostalgia, they can also make consumers buy things. Such is the case of the reintroduction of original formula Schlitz beer. Schlitz, with its unforgettable “Go for the Gusto” campaign, was one of the great national beerMORE HERE