Kodak is taking a route back to move forward as it reintroduces the Super 8 camera. In a press release, the company said it had built a “roadmap” that includes a range of cameras, film development services, post production tools and more. “It is an ecosystem for film” said JeffMORE HERE

LONDON РHow about a rerun or a revival for Digital.com? A firm in the U.K. entitled Quality Nonsense purchased the digital.com domain and hopes to redevelop it. Or not. As they say in their website: We bought the domain to develop, rather than to speculate, and have declined several substantial offers.MORE HERE

Yearning for the simplicity of a spreadsheet that just does the basics? Think VisiCalc. Before VisiCalc, MBAs couldn’t come up with crazy financial models. People couldn’t balance their checkbooks at home. Instead, people just had to balance that checkbook on the back of their monthly bank statement. And investment bankersMORE HERE

A few years ago, the Westinghouse brand was almost dead, a result of the breakup of what was one of the nation’s great industrial treasures. The company, known for its Group W radio, Westinghouse signaling equipment, Westinghouse appliances and Westinghouse nuclear program, was dismantled. I loved Westinghouse, especially late atMORE HERE

Everyone seems to be using Twitter to help build their brands. And while it is no substitute for a major ad campaign, it costs nothing, except for staff time. Think of it as your own little wire service or ticker tape. Below, an excerpt from the new book Twitter PowerMORE HERE

LAKE BUENA VISTA – The new media landscape is a “vacuum that represents enormous opportunity.” So says Michael Mendenhall, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE: HPQ) . Mendenhall, speaking Monday, Feb. 23 at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Annual Meeting entitled Ecosystem 2.0: Brands Battle Back,MORE HERE

Why can’t eBay see the obvious? On a radio interview a few weeks ago I heard Sherwood Schwartz, executive producer of Gilligan’s Island, say that he felt that it was entirely rational that the Professor, genius that he was, could never figure a way off the island, when all heMORE HERE