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Woodcut Map Garland Pollard
Editor/Publisher Garland Pollard in front of the Southgate Lohmann map of Virginia.

BrandlandUSA started when Sarasota, Florida writer and editor John Garland Pollard IV decided to begin writing about historic brand names while he was editor of Virginia Living magazine. In 2006, he started blogging on the subject, and found intense consumer and trade interest in the history and lore of notable brand names.

In the intervening 15 years, the blog turned into a full-fledged news website, and has come to be a source for stories, history and features on what is now called a “legacy brand” or “heritage brand”.

In the creative destruction of capitalism, companies change, merge and die. As a former board-member and officer to historic preservation organizations in his home state of Virginia, he regularly saw that process in action. To preserve commercial buildings, often the most interesting part of the building’s history, the store or the product factory, would never re-open. For preservation to truly succeed, the commercial history and company was often the most interesting part of that preservation effort.

Since the website started, companies have had an improved attitude toward their heritage brands, and hundreds of historic products have been revived, redesigned and relaunched. While he does not take credit for them, he does take credit for an improved climate toward these brands, and a better and more reasonable understanding about their potential.

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