With all the discussion of whether the Amoco brand might come back in the States, we thought it would be good to remind folks that the brand was much larger than the U.S. A bit of news. If you plug Amoco into Google, it seems that BP is now callingMORE HERE

SARASOTA – BP is the joke at our local comedy club. The joke won’t work in print, but the line involved something about bombs and how the BP owner was wishing he had purchased some other filling station brand like Racetrack. The beaches are still pristine here in this partMORE HERE

When companies merge, they are always equals, but one brand always gets dumped. That’s exactly what has happened with Amoco, which finally got dumped by BP. In the U.S. gasoline market, Amoco stood for something different, a FAST approach to fuel. Amoco, with its torch and red white and blue,MORE HERE