The idea of reviving the brand fits well with a continued interest in the antique car brands of the U.K. While many United States brands have died, Chinese and Indian companies have shown an interest in British history and autos. SAIC revived the MG in 2008, and Tata Motors of India is the parent of the British company Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC.MORE HERE

Michigan Needs a GM Auto Tour A week or so ago, we happened upon a Business Week story about General Motors auctioning off some of its car collection. Some of these items were either flubs or concept cars, and not actually produced. All are fascinating, including a Harley Earl Buick.MORE HERE

Tips for dealers in tough times Detroit might get a bailout. But that won’t be any help for American car dealers, who are on their own. What’s a dealer to do in order to not go the way of the Rambler? First, dealers need to get through this crisis. ButMORE HERE