ATLANTA – Before there was Vera Bradley, before Vera Wang, there was Vera, which has reappeared as a short-term promotion for Target. Not only is the reappearance a good thing for a great classic brand, but it is proof that any number of similarly named products can exist in theMORE HERE

LAGUNA BEACH – For many of us fogies who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, surf and skateboard brands that come to mind might be all about Quicksilver, Ocean Pacific, Sims and Birdwell’s. If you are a boomer, the brand might be Hang Ten. Yet it doesn’t take longMORE HERE

Perhaps the most famous revived brand in the U.S. is Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF). The company was once an old-line sporting goods company selling guns and tents to presidents and such. Today, American mall-goers are so mesmerized by the half-naked teens of today’s Abercrombie that we forget that it wasMORE HERE

Whatever happened to Carroll Reed? It’s a question many East Coast folks have been asking since the ski-focused clothing chain shut down. At one time, there were 54 stores. The Carroll Reed Ski Shops Inc. was started, not by some matronly woman, but by Carroll Purinton Reed, a clever entrepreneurMORE HERE

If you are interested in the mind and shopping habits of the American WASP, please read Bunny Tomerlin’s Blog. It has all of her favorite things. Lotsa Brickman’s. Brands mentioned by this Men’s Vogue blogger include Carroll Reed, Gloverall, Neese’s Sausage, Bazzini’s Pistachio Nuts, Kinloch Anderson, Brickman’s of Martha’s Vineyard,MORE HERE