SMITHFIELD, Va. – Yet another bit of appalling news from the world of conglomerate brands. This morning, The Washington Post reported that the now-Chinese-owned Smithfield Foods has stopped making hams in Smithfield. Of course, if you make ham in the most famous ham capital in the world, and you makeMORE HERE

This week, we were alerted to the Spatini brand, a dry seasoning mix to help make spaghetti sauce. Apparently, its only sold to restaurants, though there is a website devoted to the brand, which apparently is owned by McCormick. Writes our BrandlandUSA reader Erica of Blackwood, N.J. I understand itMORE HERE

Last weekend, the teens were in the yard getting ready for church camp. They had to get a LOOK together. And what did they decide to do? Head on over to the store (I forgot to ask which one) and buy a bunch of packs of Rit Dye to doMORE HERE

Piggly Wiggly is one of those brands that is famous mostly because it is a cool name and a cool mascot. For generations, Americans have loved the concept that you followed a grocery store around like a pig’s tail, and you would pass through ALL the merchandise. Hence, Piggly Wiggly.MORE HERE

There is something very 1970s about The Club pre-mixed martinis. Is it the idea that it is somehow too difficult to mix vermouth and gin? Or that it is too hard to find a cup, and you can use the top to drink it? That’s the question we asked ourselvesMORE HERE

SAVANNAH – Entries are out in the Savannah College of Art & Design’s Phoenix Project. (See a full list of entries here.) At right, one of two concepts for A&P, The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (NYSE: GAP). A&P is about to experience its 150th Anniversary, but it hasMORE HERE

A British favorite frozen dessert has returned, the Arctic Roll. The Financial Times reported April 29 that since its re-release in December by Birds Eye, sales are estimated to be 3.5 million GBP or 3 million boxes. Emma Jacobs writes in the Financial Times that is successful because it tapsMORE HERE

CHICAGO – A few stats from Mintel’sl research reports on food and drink markets that are actually being improved by recessionary woes. “Over the past year, we’ve seen people trying to save money on food by either dining out less, cutting supermarket bills, or both. More people cook at homeMORE HERE

MONTVALE, N.J. – There is but one grocery chain that inspires literature. It’s the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (NYSE: GAP), this year celebrating its 150th anniversary. In John Updike’s Kennedy-era short story “A&P” a 19-year-old clerk identifies with three scantily clad girls who come into an A&P inMORE HERE

PALMYRA, Penn. – If you like Lebanon bologna, there is only one brand, Seltzer’s. Made and smoked by hand in Palmyra Pennsylvania, Selzter’s was founded by Harvey Seltzer, who “created a unique blend of pure beef and spices in 1902, his bologna was so popular that he began commercial production andMORE HERE