One of the BrandlandUSA readers asks to bring back Pacquin Hand Cream. It was one of the nation’s best known hand creams, for generations made by the Connecticut company Pacquin-Lester, later known as Leeming-Pacquin. Leeming, of course, made Hai Karate, so it was sort of a wacky-hip company. Currently, theMORE HERE

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. – Sara Lee Corporation (NYSE:SLE) said it would possibly sell its International Household & Body Care business after receiving “expressions of interest” from possible buyers. The company has some classic low growth brands, including Kiwi shoe polish and Brylcreem hair goop. Both could very interesting brands ifMORE HERE

Pfizer’s Wyeth purchase includes remnants of the old A.H. Robins company RICHMOND – The merger between Wyeth and Pfizer got us thinking about the legacy of the Albert Hartley Robins company, better known as A.H. Robins. While the name A.H. Robins is gone, the Robins influence shows in the highlyMORE HERE