Whenever possible, companies should keep these corporate names in the active column. Instead of confusing the consumer, they are a valuable hidden link to the past that most don’t notice, but trigger memories in some. Use the company name on a product, or on a tee-shirt, or on a division. Try out a new product, a risky one, with the old name on it.MORE HERE

In a discussion about whether Episcopalians believe in purgatory, our parish priest asked us to consider our actions, what we practice. Regularly, we pray for the departed, and if we pray for them, and are serious about it, it means that we believe, by what we do, that we thinkMORE HERE

Sad day for soap fans. Sad day for Springfield. The classic CBS soap opera Guiding Light has been canceled by CBS. First started in radio, it apparently began on NBC radio in January 1937 and moved to CBS television in 1952. It apparently will end its run in September, andMORE HERE

The Procter & Gamble toothpaste brand Crest hopes to ride a 3-D revival, according to Adweek. Crest was established in 1955. Pepsi aired a 3-D spot on the Super Bowl for SoBe, and NBC aired an episode of Chuck in 3-D last night. Disney has four 3-D movies slated forMORE HERE