BOSTON – WGBH is the most noted high-culture brand in the United States. Yesterday, they changed their logo to a cutesy, street nickname, GBH. WGBH’s television programs, syndicated by the Public Broadcasting Service across the U.S., were and are cultural landmarks as well-known as Boston’s Old North Church. WGBH broughtMORE HERE

FAIRFAX – Mobil has always known how to brand itself through television. The idea? Don’t engine up your name everywhere, but instead attach your name to television shows that reach a key opinion-leading segment of your target market. Hence the once sponsorship of Mobil Masterpiece Theater (no longer sadly) andMORE HERE

Wisdom from the Brady Bunch Auteur, Sherwood Schwartz Anyone who values American culture appreciates Gilligan’s Island and The Brady Bunch. Even if they were not critical successes when they first aired, because they have endured, you have to begin to wonder why. Here at BrandlandUSA, we are also curious aboutMORE HERE

So Circuit City is gone, and it’s Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) and Radio Shack (NYSE: RSH). How opportune for Radio Shack, whose stock seems to be in miracle zone, namely above $10 a share. In August 2007, we wrote on BrandlandUSA some of our ideas for improving Radio Shack. TheyMORE HERE

Download Our Free White Paper Imagine your city without a daily paper. Newspaper publishers, editors, managers and owners are worrying, not only about having to lay off staff, but who will cover the community in a meaningful way. In Economics 101, it’s the classic “free rider” problem. Who will attendMORE HERE

The game show What’s My Line might return to television, with David Hasselhoff as a regular. Hasselhoff, currently an America’s Got Talent judge, has been talking to producers FremantleMedia, the company that owns the rights to Goodson-Todman game shows. “They got a take on this. It is so friggin’ cool,”MORE HERE