For those of us who grew up in the 1970s, a Hyatt House was a sort of hotel paradise. Yes, there were Ramada Inns and Holiday Inns, and these were actually decent places for everyday family trips and such. But in terms of a really smart, slick hotel, a reallyMORE HERE

BEIJING – Do the Chinese understand brands better than the U.S.? In some ways, yes. The Chinese interest in American brands, we hope, will help preserve a few. They even rescued Hummer, one not-so-old brand that even I, lover of old brands, would rescue. But one good thing; it isMORE HERE

Consumers need a story. I am reading about neuromarketing, the science of looking at brains and connecting it with consumer behavior, after seeing that 60 Minutes clip on computers reading brains (thanks to Jon Vanhala for sending it out). I wanted to find out more about neuromarketing to get aMORE HERE

DETROIT – We found the rather spectacular website Artificial Owl with some hauntingly beautiful photos of Detroit’s empty Union Station. The site is all about photos of abandoned places. I cannot help but think of the parallels between Detroit’s waste of this great building, and the waste that is theMORE HERE

RICHMOND – Adweek has a great Q&A with Virginia’s Governor Tim Kaine, on the 40th anniversary of the Virginia is for Lovers ad campaign. Great insights into its birth, and where the campaign is going. It’s on their site with ads posted timeline style on their Adfreak blog. Amusing thatMORE HERE