I’d like to send a warning to those cities that are looking at putting up a new venue for their local ball clubs: The era of “retro” parks could end soon. (Quite an upbeat theme for baseball’s Opening Day, eh?) This also dovetails into a recent post on the theMORE HERE

SEATTLE – A small-scale, but highly unlikely, brand revival will take place Thursday when the expansion Seattle Sounders F.C. take the field in Major League Soccer. While the sport remains a niche pastime in the United States, this legacy nickname shows the power of branding with an established and eagerMORE HERE

This site loves old brands that tenaciously cling to life even as they become prey of short-sighted conglomerates or a develop into a punchline. In that spirit, let us salute the National Invitation Tournament, the postseason college basketball affair that pits 32 teams not good enough to reach the highlyMORE HERE

OKINAWA – Okinawa rarely ventures into the minds of most Americans. The subtropical archipelago – actually closer to Taiwan than the Japanese mainland – comes to most folks in small snippets history and a few snippets of pop culture. The World War II battle scarred the region, destroying the prefecturalMORE HERE