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Sahara Las Vegas

Sahara, Dayton’s and Tanya Tucker Return

Periodically, we look at some of the new versions of old brands. A few revivals this

Brands Formerly Found at Lord & Taylor

NEW YORK- About 10 years ago, someone put together a list of all the brands at

San Antonio’s Joske’s Latest in ‘Department Mall’ Trend

SAN ANTONIO – The Joske’s Department Store, so long a beloved presence in Texas, yet another

Dayton’s Throws Hat Into Brand Name Revival

MINNEAPOLIS – It was always inane and wasteful that Macy’s could not figure out what to


Indian Motorcycle Celebrates Centennial of Indian Chief

MINNEAPOLIS – For its centennial of its Indian Chief model, Indian Motorcycle has unveiled three new Indian Chief models for

Fashion Brands


UK: Marks & Spencer Set to Revive Jaeger


J. Crew Problem: Snuffleupagus Pants & Emperor’s Ugly Clothes


On the Shelves: Izod Leashes and Laura Ashley Dogpens. Really.


His Lordship, Mad Men Nautical & Military Jewelry


Cohen & Sons: Bringing Back a Brand on Kickstarter


The Disappearing Retail Clothing Label


Boast Brand Revived

Health, Beauty

Finding Noxzema Shave Cream, Changed But Still Good

* Editor’s note from 2021; the product is only available in limited quantities, and is no longer available as

Sea & Ski Brand Resurfaces, Sort Of

The suntan lotion brand Sea & Ski has returned to the market, sort of. To

Search for the Old Remedy Antiphlogistine

Some have asked BrandlandUSA to help them find the poultice Antiphlogistine. Hard to spell, and

History of Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior

So many fragrances get forgotten, ruined or changed, but one that has survived for men

History of Mason Pearson Brushes

LONDON – Funny how a small, old brand can captivate a current audience. Such is

Rise Shaving Cream Returns in a Tube

Rise Shaving Cream, once a household name, has returned to the shelves as a discount

Tame Conditioner Returns As Frizz Tamer

The original conditioner, Tame, is back on the shelves as a house brand at Dollar

LINDEN, N.J. – The west coast lighting retailer Lamps Plus has struck an exclusive deal to market classic Stiffel Lamps, a brand that has returned production to the U.S. recent years. “Stiffel is a brand with a great history. The lamps are truly unique and considered works of art,” saidMORE HERE

MINNEAPOLIS – For its centennial of its Indian Chief model, Indian Motorcycle has unveiled three new Indian Chief models for 2022. “The Indian Chief is a truly iconic motorcycle and what better way to celebrate its 100th birthday than unleashing an entirely new Indian Chief lineup,” said Mike Dougherty, theMORE HERE

LEXINGTON, Ky., – The plain old quilted mattress is becoming less and less of the main type of mattress. Last week, the nation’s pioneer maker of mattresses, Tempur Sealy International, Inc. (NYSE: TPX) introduced a new portfolio of products. They said that the offerings provide “enhanced support and durability” andMORE HERE

INDIANAPOLIS – There are many who swear by Bar Keeper’s Friend. It’s a safe type of abrasive, based on plants. Bar Keeper’s Friend is great for cleaning copper-bottomed kitchen pans. Its main ingredient is oxalic acid; its distinctive scent just smells like cleanliness. Its mild abrasives clean everything from fiberglassMORE HERE

In today’s pantheon of toothpaste brands, there is Colgate and Crest, and others. Of the popular 20th century brands, there was also Gleem, which dates to 1939 and most recently renewed by Procter & Gamble as a trademark in 2018. Gleem had been discontinued, but it has returned, both asMORE HERE

Promoting regional food manufacturers and suppliers is good business. But national retailers have been aggressive about getting rid of smaller suppliers, preferring to reduce the number of SKUs, or products, and allowing manufacturers to buy up and fill up center aisles. These trends go in cyles; the chain like WalmartMORE HERE

At one time, not too long ago, there was no such thing as “decaffeinated” coffee. You either had coffee, or Sanka. And a key part of the Sanka identity was orange. Orange appeared on the bands on decaf coffee pots in restaurants, and in the packaging of Sanka. However, overMORE HERE

ATLANTA – One of the happier trademarks in the U.S. is Mod Podge, the decoupage coating. Georgia entrepreneuse and interior designer Jan Wetstone, whose Buckhead shop Jan’s Interiors is shown as the original owner of the brand, invented the Mod-Podge in 1965. Note that it was first trademarked with aMORE HERE

Comstock is one of the nation’s early canned pie fillings and may be the nation’s first. The idea? Instead of cutting and cooking apples before you bake them in a pie, all you have to do is buy a crust, open the can, pour it in, and bake. No Peel!MORE HERE