Sporting Brands

Goodbye Evinrude. Goodbye Middle Class Boating

STURDEVANT, Wisc. – Blame it on COVID-19? And say goodbye to another glorious piece of America.

Inside Newell, the Smithsonian of American Brands

HOBOKEN – Newell Brands, formerly Newell Rubbermaid, owns an astonishing array of classic brands. For those

Renovation for Your Brand Might Include Refit and Repair

Perhaps it is not such an issue now, but back in the fall of 2010, Hatteras

Forgotten, But Beloved Dead Snowmobile Brands

Remember the great blizzards of 1966, 1993, and all those other Nor’easters? They made for the need


VW Reaps Legacy of International Harvester in Navistar Purchase

Navistar has its beginning with the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company, founded by Cyrus McCormick. Cyrus McCormick’s father Robert McCormick began work on a reaper in 1809 at his Virginia farm, Walnut Grove.

Fashion Brands

Clothing & Apparel

From Goodrich to Dunlop: Classic Tire Company Shoe Brands

Clothing & Apparel

O’Sullivan: America’s Number One Heel

Clothing & Apparel

Briefly: Courtsmith Wins Investment from Non-profit ICA

Clothing & Apparel

L Catterton Purchases Etro Majority Stake

Clothing & Apparel

Miami Guayabera Brand Reopens After Covid

Clothing & Apparel

Briefly: Redwood Capital Finalizes Workwear Purchase

Clothing & Apparel

UK: Marks & Spencer Set to Revive Jaeger

Health, Beauty

Gleem Spotted on the Crest

In today’s pantheon of toothpaste brands, there is Colgate and Crest, and others. Of the popular 20th century brands, there

Secret Trick: Brush Up Your Oldest Brands

Even if a venerable brand is beloved, companies still need to continue to invest in

Revived Sea & Ski Hits the Beach Soon

ROCKLEDGE, FL – It seems that the historic Sea & Ski suntan lotion is coming

Esso Brand Lives, Premium Crakers and Red Cross Toothache

It is always heartening when an old brand survives generations, world wars and multiple depressions

Colgate Boosts Classics, Keeps Mennen Brand

NEW YORK – Colgate Palmolive is taking a smart path with some of its older

Finding Noxzema Shave Cream, Changed But Still Good

* Editor’s note from 2021; the product is only available in limited quantities, and is

Sea & Ski Brand Resurfaces, Sort Of

The suntan lotion brand Sea & Ski has returned to the market, sort of. To

Drink Brands

HP Sauce England Vintage


There are few foods more indicative of a place, and amenable to high margins, than food sauces. Sauces are the ultimate example of a profit-making brand of food. They keep for a long time. They can be cheaply made. Secret recipes can give a certain allure. They also cannot beMORE HERE


If you were at a kids pool in the 1960s (or my wife on Lyford Cay, Bahamas in about 1970, photo at right), you would likely see toddlers swimming about with little bubble floats on their backs. In some cases they were plain styrofoam, but in many cases they wereMORE HERE


There is one type of job you can’t export. The repair man. Companies in recent years have ignored the repair man; before the Great Recession it was almost cheaper to buy a new lawn mower than to fix the old one. So you just threw the old one out, withMORE HERE


Editor’s Note: Recently Instacart no longer shows the product as available RICHMOND – C.F. Sauer, the spice and sauce company, owns one of the great forgotten mayonnaise brands, Mrs. Filbert’s. In the South, mayonnaise is important. Food snobs do not like it, but that is so wrong, because different degreesMORE HERE


Cousins to Vienna Sausages, but darker? Try some Prairie Belt Smoked Sausage! In case you didn’t know or can’t read, the serving suggestion on the front shows that the sausages are best eaten on a plate, stacked. Thank you for that. The sausage was distributed by Castleberry’s Food Company fromMORE HERE

A BrandlandUSA reader asked about the history of America’s Number One Heel. The heel brand was O’Sullivan; it was the invention of Humphrey O’Sullivan, of Lowell, Mass., in 1896. O’Sullivan attached pieces of rubber to his shoes to ease leg fatigue. From then on, consumers have sought tech solutions toMORE HERE

Northfield, Ill. – Curad and ActivICE, two Medline brands, will be the official medical supplier and official topical relief partner for the Ironman U.S. Series. The Ironman is said to be the largest mass participation event company in the world with their single day events. Through the partnership, Curad will haveMORE HERE

ALEXANDRIA, VA. – Today, the United States Patent and Trademark Office will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Lanham Act, the federal statute that established modern U.S. trademark law. On Tuesday, July 27, the USPTO will present an exciting virtual program commemorating the Lanham Act and how the Truman-era law has benefited the country.MORE HERE

NORWICH, Vt. –– King Arthur Baking Company is launching four new pancake mixes, a Gluten-free Confetti Cake mix, and an organic masa harina. The company said that these new products are the result of market research and insights from the past year, when millions took up home backing as they wereMORE HERE

WASHINGTON, D.C. – National Geographic continues to go beyond its legacy mandate of encouraging travel, geography education and an interest in the living patterns and live systems of the world. Susan Goldberg, Editor-in-Chief of National Geographic, will moderate a forum on COVID-19 this Thursday, July 22, 2021. Co-hosted by theMORE HERE