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Demographics of BrandlandUSAGot a brand you need to promote? Need some SEO benefits with a credible site?

BrandlandUSA is the place to reach the people who will define your brand. Our readers are a who’s who of brand managers, brand students, intellectual property attorneys and academics, plus passionate consumers who really drive the engagement of your brand.

The common denominator?

All are looking for information on their favorite brand names.

Ad opportunities and rates:

  1. Sponsored Posts: Sponsored guest posts are available for products and websites that relate to brands and consumer purchases. Sponsored posts are 300 to 500 words, and may include a single link to your advertised site. They are labeled as sponsored posts, and will appear in a “sponsored” tag category. A product photo is available in the post. We do not allow links to certain categories including gambling, male enhancement, payday loans or other similar categories, and reserve the right to reject any copy if it is not appropriate. An advertisement linking to a product must contain information related to the product. Prices are $300 and will remain up for a year. $300
  2. Text link: You can advertise with a two-line text link on the right hand rail of the site; the yearly rate is $250.
  3. Brand Search Sponsorship: Our search function is available for sponsorship.
  4. Block ad with link: A 125X125 ad on the right hand rail of the front page. The price is $700 a year.
  5. 125X200 ad and Promotional Copy: A powerful combination of one 125X200 fixed advertisement and descriptive promotional copy below the ad, with a link to your site. This approach marries the power of a logo with the SEO benefits of a respectable authority link. We can maximize keyword descriptions for your logo, to further help SEO. Price: $1,000 a year.

All ads and sponsorships on BrandlandUSA are clearly marked as Sponsored Content. The website is family friendly, and we reserve the right to refuse ads that are inappropriate to our audience, or include links that are deceptive or inappropriate. We do not include advertisements that relate to gambling or certain pharmaceutical and supplement categories.

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