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  1. I came across your “Days of Drake’s Cake Numbered?” while trying to verify where Drake’s Cakes were sold in the 1970s. In a best-selling Stephen King novella, a teen consumes 2 Ring Dings in suburban Los Angeles in 1974, but I didn’t think those cakes would have been sold there at that time. Knowing King’s attention to detail, I wondered whether the Drake’s treat was actually available in the LA suburbs at that time. Can you help?

  2. I remember when Krusteaz used to make frozen blueberry pancakes. I LOVED those frozen blueberry pancakes! Now, sadly, I can’t seem to find them anywhere in my area (San Jose, CA). Did they stop making them? I’d sure love it if they would bring them back. Sunday mornings just haven’t been the same without them.

  3. Hope you found somebody Trish…i would suggest starting with their Facebook page, and perhaps on Linked in. Corporate marketing departments are often hard to reach unless you know someone.

  4. I have a marketing idea involving the Bands that I Manage, for Pop Tarts, but I can’t seem to find the correct person to direct it to. Can you help me with this?

  5. Do you know how I can see label from the first spray starch (I’m told) called “Dapper”. The label may have had some clouds on it. Thanks!

  6. I agree with you Linda! I find 1/2 loaves in the supermarkets now and again. Single people especially like the 1/2 loaves.

  7. I really do wish bread companys would make half loaves of bread,me & my husband can’t use a whole loaf before it get’s stail, and i have to throw it away. thank you

  8. Please bring back Postum. My 85 yr old mother has snet me everywhere in search of Postum.This was her favorite warm beverage since childhood. We are saddened to hear the gave it the ax. Another favorite- Archway Chocolate covered chocolate cookies, where did they go? Please bring them back too!

  9. Some old time favorites are back. Lemon Cookies rolled in powdered sugar, they are “Cooler than Ever.” Niche Foods Garlic Spread from Concentrate are two products offered by this new company dedicated to bringing back “Old Time Favorites.”

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