Connecticut Presbyterian minister, writer and investor C.R. Wiley is a thought leader in the area of old style rural conservatism. While reading his other great stuff on the website The Imaginative Conservative, I saw a great piece of his about his favorite New England brands. A recommendation for a brand is evenMORE HERE

ALMA, Arkansas – Each summer, my grandmother in Somers, Virginia would save the watermelon rinds after we ate watermelon on the patio of the farmhouse. I never could understand it; you want to eat the flesh, but the rind? Bitter! That was until I tasted watermelon rind pickle. Yes, theyMORE HERE

Bridgeville, DE – Scrapple is one of those things that if you overthink, you lose the appetite. As a child in 1970s Virginia, it was served in fashionable suburban houses in the 1970s. The dish is primarily German derived, and is usually some mixture of offal, or meat scraps. GoodMORE HERE