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BrandlandUSA began with a strategy blog for legacy brands edited by writer and editor J. Garland Pollard IV. A longtime watcher of the successes and failures of classic American brand names, he became hooked. Very soon he found out lots of other people either missed their favorite brands, or wished for their favorite brands not to change. In the fall of 2008, he launched the branding news site Readership has steadily grown to over 15,000 unique visitors a month. A Virginia native, he lives in Southwest Florida, where he works on web content for a Fortune 100 fintech firm. Visit his freelance writing website at

Contributing Editors:

Covering everything from Aaron Burr and 1920s architecture to women’s boxing and the most improbable high school football champion in Virginia history, Matt Gottlieb has written for magazines and newspapers since his long-haired days in 1998. His articles have caused small — but fundamental — historical revisions in the Old Dominion’s race relations and Japanese-American football. While living in subtropical Okinawa and sporting closely cropped hair, he spent his spare time snorkeling. He now lives in Richmond.

Being from a large South Carolina family, Devane Hope has always had an interest in product families (brands and their “family trees”) and their often fascinating genealogies and surprising relationships. With a great fondness for anything retro, dating products by their logos, packaging, and advertising also provides hours of fun, especially for mid-century modern “baby boomer” classics. Finally, as a wordsmith and lover of great storytelling, he relishes discovering all the great iconic brand “characters” that lurk everywhere: their names, advertising, design, history, and cultural impact. He is especially interested in brand loyalty and how these inanimate objects garner such strong emotions in the hearts of consumers.

Jackson, Mississippi native Dooney Tickner has been a Destin, Florida resident since 1987.  He holds a B.A. in History and English from Belhaven College. For 12 years, he was director of the public library in Destin, then worked as a manager for iconic shoe brand Johnston & Murphy and for Books-A-Million.  His first “real job” was as a “Johnson Guy” at the Howard Johnson North restaurant in Sarasota. The study of brand history has been a lifelong pursuit. He currently owns Dooney’s Book Company in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Guest Columnists:

BrandlandUSA publishes a wide variety of guest columns and book excerpts on branding from distinguished advertising executives and thought leaders. Recent columns have included insights by Dr. Robert PassikoffBob Seelert, Steven Addis, Tom Parrette and Ed Foster.

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Contact BrandlandUSA Editor/Publisher about a guest post by emailing him. He welcomes guest posts; they need to be original to the site, and about the practice of branding with a special emphasis on legacy brands.

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