NEW YORK — The design firm Turner Duckworth has updated the design and logo for the Newman’s Own food line, just in time for the brand’s 40th anniversary year. The chief marketing officer of Newman’s Own, Nicole Malcolm-Manyara, said that the goal of the refresh was to “break through on shelvesMORE HERE

One of the more unfortunate interior trends of the last decade is the current skunner for what has been called “brown furniture.” In this trend, well-crafted mahogany furniture, in classic lines, was un-valued and cheap. It got painted. Or here in Florida, it got painted and shabby chic’ed. You canMORE HERE

DALLAS – The maker of Kleenex, Kotex and Huggies, the publicly traded Kimberly-Clark, celebrates its 150th anniversary this month. The company roots are in Wisconsin; their first sale was a stack of writing paper made from rags and linens at the Globe Mill in Neenah, Wisconsin on October 22, 1872.MORE HERE