We feel badly we didn’t bring this list to your attention sooner. It is a list of brands that Britons want back, published in March 2008 by London’s Daily Telegraph. The saddest name on the list? Great Britain! Where did it go? We miss it too! One recommendation is toMORE HERE

We hear Switzer’s Licorice is going strong, and fans of the 100-year-old iconic candy can be satisfied with life again. The St. Louis company still sells its products, which are more tart and less syrupy than Twizzlers. Thank goodness. Switzer Candy Company, Inc., 27 North Gore Ave., St. Louis, Missouri,MORE HERE

The E. Hoffman Company, long an iconic Chicago brand, has returned to Chicago. They have even brought back their Spilman mixture tobbacco. Most famous return? Their Hoffman House cigars. Founded in just before the Civil War, their advertising images have been synonymous with Chicago. Head on over to BrandlandUSA.com forMORE HERE

Want to experience historic brands firsthand? We, of course, love the Vermont Country Store, and appreciate that they have all the old great brands. But did you know that they have a tour that takes fans to the Vermont Countryside. The tour takes in the village of Weston, Billings FarmMORE HERE

Nice Lady. Nice Legs! Curious what corporations were friends of the Democrat Party in 1964 vs. today? Head on over to our www.brandlandUSA.com main site to find out the list of the 75 Democratic Brands of 1964. It will take you right back to the LBJ era. Ideas? Comments? ContactMORE HERE

An old brand of the British Empire has returned. Huntley & Palmers, founded in 1822 and proclaimed to be “The Most Famous Biscuit Company in the World” is back on British shelves. The company was started by Quaker Joseph Huntley in Reading, Berkshire. Brits apparently remember products with names suchMORE HERE

Found recently on the grocery shelves. A new packaging for Mary Kitchen Roast Beef Hash, with Hormel recently added to the top. Mary Kitchen is the best brand of Roast Beef Hash; whenever a can is opened, happiness ensues at the breakfast table. The question is whether this is aMORE HERE

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times, reprinted in the Orlando Sentinel, reported on the fact that the copyright on Mickey Mouse might be in doubt. The story by Joseph Menn, called “Disney’s rights to young Mickey Mouse may be wrong” reports that Film credits from the 1920s revealMORE HERE

Borden is back, big time. We spotted a large Borden cheese display at the Osprey, Florida Wal-Mart on Tamiami Trail, and it made us want to learn more about how the Borden dairy brand is doing. Borden is doing great. This is great news. Go to the website www.FriendsofElsie.com, andMORE HERE

At the Kennedy Space Center’s U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, the Rockwell International brand is omnipresent. Rockwell, of course, built the Apollo capsule and has a long list of aviation achievements. For NASA, it built control panels, as well. While many pieces of Rockwell are now part of Boeing. RockwellMORE HERE