BOCA RATON, Fla. – The toy marketer Basic Fun, a master licensee for Tonka, along with Hasbro Inc., the toy and licensing company, are kicking off a 75th anniversary celebration for Tonka trucks. The campaign calls on families to put down their screens and take a “Playcation” together with favoriteMORE HERE

Whenever possible, companies should keep these corporate names in the active column. Instead of confusing the consumer, they are a valuable hidden link to the past that most don’t notice, but trigger memories in some. Use the company name on a product, or on a tee-shirt, or on a division. Try out a new product, a risky one, with the old name on it.MORE HERE

Recently, Coleman brought back its original steel cooler. It’s sold as an exclusive for the 50th anniversary of the sporting goods supply company Cabela’s. It’s part of a trend of retro products, reintroduced as specialty products for particular retailers, similar to Fisher-Price toys sold at Cracker Barrel and vintage TideMORE HERE

El Segundo, Calif. -There is still time to get the 40th anniversary UNO game. The Mattel card game, a derivative of Crazy Eights, was invented in 1971, and is on the sales shelf at Walgreen’s now, though is available at from the company, as well. The game was inventedMORE HERE