Found recently on the grocery shelves. A new packaging for Mary Kitchen Roast Beef Hash, with Hormel recently added to the top. Mary Kitchen is the best brand of Roast Beef Hash; whenever a can is opened, happiness ensues at the breakfast table. The question is whether this is aMORE HERE

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times, reprinted in the Orlando Sentinel, reported on the fact that the copyright on Mickey Mouse might be in doubt. The story by Joseph Menn, called “Disney’s rights to young Mickey Mouse may be wrong” reports that Film credits from the 1920s revealMORE HERE

Borden is back, big time. We spotted a large Borden cheese display at the Osprey, Florida Wal-Mart on Tamiami Trail, and it made us want to learn more about how the Borden dairy brand is doing. Borden is doing great. This is great news. Go to the website, andMORE HERE

At the Kennedy Space Center’s U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, the Rockwell International brand is omnipresent. Rockwell, of course, built the Apollo capsule and has a long list of aviation achievements. For NASA, it built control panels, as well. While many pieces of Rockwell are now part of Boeing, thankfullyMORE HERE

We love great regional brands that have survived the conglomerate era and have kept their independence amongst overwrought graphics, market research and such. Sixty to a box, we love Joy ice cream cones. According to the Joy website, the company was founded by a Lebanese immigrant, Albert George, along withMORE HERE

Missing the old dome liners that ran from Los Angeles to Chicago on the Santa Fe? Here is one in Santa Fe, New Mexico, just off downtown, back in 2005. Happily, the Santa Fe brand is still alive. The Santa Fe Southern Railroad operates the old Super Chief dome carsMORE HERE

At left, a great logo from Intelsat and Hughes, seen on the Space Shuttle mock up walk through at Kennedy Space Center. Hughes once built satellites for Intelsat. The company is now morphed. Sadly, there are fewer Hughes companies than there were. Thankfully, there is still a Hughes Satellite, andMORE HERE

The online magazine has a useful paper on dead brands by By Sunil Thomas, Ph.D. and Chiranjeev Kohli, both Ph.D. marketing professors. It is called “Reviving Weak and Dead Brands: Insights from Theory and Practice” and addresses cases that include Oldsmobile, PanAm, and Woolworth. We won’t spoil the wholeMORE HERE

  If you have a new rebranding, and need to get rid of old signage as per some corporate mandate, why not save the OLD sign and use it inside as a decoration and design element. Here, a McDonald’s interior on Route 41, Tamiami Trail, in Venice, Florida, taken fromMORE HERE

  It’s a Shell sign inside the cupola of a historic building on the waterfront in Pensacola, Florida. Great way to keep it historic, yet do the trick of selling gas. Ideas? Comments? Contact the BrandlandUSA editor. We love to hear about old brands being revived, dead brands resuscitated orMORE HERE