NEW YORK – While private equity continues its long-running obsession with the high-tech sector—pumping cash into start-ups with zero history and names like Jive, Aerohive and Hadoop—one category has been woefully neglected and fully ripe for profit making today: a low-tech sector with more familiar monikers like Hai Karate, Modess,MORE HERE

PHILADELPHIA – The ad agency Gyro Worldwide is now Quaker City Mercantile. They have a bold goal, namely to “recapture Philadelphia’s mighty industrial past and weave a new version of this greatness into its future.” The company will still do advertising, but will also begin making products, hence the”Mercantile” name.MORE HERE

Wiley, Start With the Answer: And other Wisdom for Aspiring Leaders, by Bob Seelert, John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken. $24.95 CEO autobiographies and the like are often out of touch, filled with overly obvious advice that would only be useful if you are the CEO. After reading one, you justMORE HERE

Clicks are not only destructive of the brand, all they do is help advertisers to beat down the price of advertising. In addition, it causes content to go for the lowest common denominator. “We are telling advertisers,” he said, “the worse content, the more you should pay.” MORE HERE

Bob Seelert, the author of Start with the Answer: And Other Wisdom for Aspiring Leaders gives some advice to BrandlandUSA readers with an excerpt from his new book. We are glad to reprint it, as there is some good stuff there and  they were gracious enough to let us haveMORE HERE

SAVANNAH– Winning entries for the BrandlandUSA and Savannah College of Art & Design Phoenix Contest are out. In the contest, students from Prof. Sean Trapani’s class at the Savannah College of Art & Design took a list of 30 or so brands from and decided which ones of theMORE HERE

NEW YORK – The branding firm Graj + Gustavsen said that Founding Partner Simon Graj has been named to Intellectual Asset Management magazine’s inaugural list of the World’s 250 Leading Intellectual Property Strategists. The IAM 250 – A Guide to the World’s Leading IP Strategists debuted in the publication’s AprilMORE HERE

An entirely arbitrary list of the Top 20 favorite brand mascots. This list deliberately does not include human mascots for brands, including Mr. Whipple, the Maytag Man, Burger King and the Marlboro Man. They are human characters; we were looking for mascots. Our list is below. It’s in a sortMORE HERE

LAKE BUENA VISTA – The new media landscape is a “vacuum that represents enormous opportunity.” So says Michael Mendenhall, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE: HPQ) . Mendenhall, speaking Monday, Feb. 23 at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Annual Meeting entitled Ecosystem 2.0: Brands Battle Back,MORE HERE