TAMPA – Repair businesses were once a backbone of a small-town economy. If Main Street was the front-facing retail and public end of the local business ecosystem, the side streets and corners, with cheaper rents, offered small businesses the space to fix things. The Norman Rockwell painting What Makes itMORE HERE

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Just off the headlines. The massive shutdown of dealers ordered by the Obama administration was a massive failure. Not that you couldn’t have noticed by just talking to some of the dealers themselves. I recall running into a group of repair guys from Sarasota Chrysler-Plymouth, which isMORE HERE

No, I’m not talking about the late Jerry Garcia. I’m talking mums. Potted mums. I have been thinking about a pot of red mums that sit by the walkway into my house. Different things happen to mums in different economies. When things are booming and we all have cash, weMORE HERE

The Repair and Parts Business Offers Great Margins and Improved Customer Relationships According to recent news reports, consumers are apparently buying clothes they like in three colors, instead of trying out new styles. This is old school. This is a big change. It’s the same philosophy that is driving theMORE HERE