MOLLUSK, Virginia – One of the most brilliant recent relaunches of a great American brand is the rebirth of Gulf. The company almost totally disappeared, the only remnant being the assorted consumer products branded with Gulf. Pictured here, a new Gulf station and pump in the tiny “town” of Mollusk,MORE HERE

  Mobil was once a brand that stood for absolute quality in all aspects of its operations, from its gas stations to PBS programming to guidebooks. Its graphic design, much of it by Chermayeff & Geismar, is legendary, building upon the work of Eliot Noyes, who is pictured above. SoMORE HERE

FAIRFAX – Mobil has always known how to brand itself through television. The idea? Don’t engine up your name everywhere, but instead attach your name to television shows that reach a key opinion-leading segment of your target market. Hence the once sponsorship of Mobil Masterpiece Theater (no longer sadly) andMORE HERE