S&H Green Stamp Machine

S&H Green Stamp MachineYes, it was for Life’s Extra Pleasures, and if you are of a certain age, you will remember the green machines like this that sat at the end of supermarket aisles. Some chains had Gold Bond, but S&H was better.

This one is for sale on eBay by seller kwayrbo. We really don’t need it around the house, but sure did think it was a great artifact of mid-Century America.

The S&H stood for Sperry & Hutchinson.

When the clerk twisted the thing, didn’t you always wish she would give you a little bit EXTRA?


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  1. Arrgh! I am still looking for one of those dial machines. I remember my mom and dad collecting green stamps as a kid…we got an alarm clock, a toaster and I believe a hand mixer from the store down the road in Mifflinburg, PA. I wanted to put one in my hall! If you ever come across one of those, shoot me a line! 🙂

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