MONTVALE, N.J. – Eight O’ Clock, the nation’s greatest coffee brand, has modified its logo with a second redesign that appeared in coupon mailers this week. The design is an update of a failed 2010 design, an improvement but not that much. The packaging debuted in August. In a pressMORE HERE

Just returned from my neighborhood Winn Dixie where a register printer-generated coupon informed me to look for the same taste, new look Eight O’Clock Coffee. I was appalled at the change; I thought the company had decided to retain the venerable red bag. The TATA Group, owners of the iconicMORE HERE

Kraft apparently has some new versions of their Seven Seas sub-brand on the shelves. On a recent visit to Publix, we spied these new shelf entries for Seven Seas. The logo makes the familiar Kraft oval less prominent than the “Seven Seas” triangle. A fairly nice approach to preserving theMORE HERE

HOFFMAN ESTATES, ILL.– One of the newest plans at Sears (besides closing mulitiple Sears and Kmart stores and licensing the DieHard brand) is to sell Craftsman tools at Ace Hardware stores. The pilot program involves 100 stores.  It immediately appears a winner for Ace as it gives them a lineMORE HERE

I recently became aware that a longtime heritage brand, Colgate Shave Cream, has been discontinued. This leaves Colgate-Palmolive with only the Mennen aftershave lines Afta and Skin Bracer. Colgate-Palmolive continues to produce tubes of Palmolive shave cream in several foreign markets.The traditional aerosol shave creams (not the newer gels) have reallyMORE HERE