EDEN PRAIRIE, Minnesota – Care and attention to the important identity elements of a historic brand can make the difference between a moderately successful brand using its history as a crutch, and long-term successful brand with a future. The case of Mr. Bubble, owned by The Village Company, is theMORE HERE

The humble Q-Tip, that cotton swab on a stick, celebrates 100 years in 2023. In preparation, the brands owner, Unilever, has released centennial packaging, seen in stores, including Publix. That the centennial info is before the actual year is the smart thing for a brand; you can use the centuryMORE HERE

For generations, the Mennen brand, now part of Colgate-Palmolive, was synonymous with mens’ and babies’ products, from baby oil to Speed Stick, Afta to Skin Bracer. Today, as the Colgate-Palmolive board meets for its annual meeting, it would do well to reconsider the value of the Mennen brand and companyMORE HERE

Prid Salve

There is a class of basic home remedies, still around, that one could have found at a Main Street independent pharmacy a century ago. One of those classics, often forgotten, is the drawing salve Smile’s Prid. Prid, which dates from 1947, treats blisters and boils, and other noxious conditions oneMORE HERE

Northfield, Ill. – Curad and ActivICE, two Medline brands, will be the official medical supplier and official topical relief partner for the Ironman U.S. Series. The Ironman is said to be the largest mass participation event company in the world with their single day events. Through the partnership, Curad will haveMORE HERE

In today’s pantheon of toothpaste brands, there is Colgate and Crest, and others. Of the popular 20th century brands, there was also Gleem, which dates to 1939 and most recently renewed by Procter & Gamble as a trademark in 2018. Gleem had been discontinued, but it has returned, both asMORE HERE