Noxzema Medicated Shave, once a leading shaving cream brand in the U.S., is now apparently discontinued. Supplies of the shave cream online are selling from $30 to $150 a can on eBay and Amazon, as precious as post-Prohibition liquor. They are still available in Europe, however. The original Noxzema skinMORE HERE

NEW YORK, April 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — This April, the Georgette Klinger brand was relaunched. Armed with Georgette’s original formulas and common-sense approach to skin care, the brand is expanding its line with enhanced products crafted for a lifetime of beautiful skin. With new ingredients for 2017, Georgette Klinger has updated their classicMORE HERE

One of the best-known toothpaste brands of the 20th century is still around, sort of. The toothpaste brand, which in Turkey is as well-known as Colgate or Crest, is a forgotten footnote, and has been on and off the market in the U.S. for decades. Today, it is still hardMORE HERE

Some readers were discussing distinctive men’s colognes that were still around. One of the survivors (and a potent scent) is Canoe by Dana. Above, a 1981 ad for the cologne. Below, an earlier ad. Notice the pronunciation has changed, to CAN-O-EH, rather than Canoe. The Dana company is still around,MORE HERE

A note from one of our BrandlandUSA readers. The eye cream Satura, the last remaining bit of the once leading Dorothy Gray cosmetics company, has apparently returned to the shelves. However, some fans of the cream say the new version is not as good as the old one. Here isMORE HERE

This came in the mail with the Shell Oil bill, as an offer for Shell Cardmembers from United Marketing Group LLC. It’s a brand extension of that dime store cologne, English Leather. We’re all for brand extensions, and who can argue against extracting a bit of revenue out of anMORE HERE

TORRANCE, Calif. – The 19th century Japanese pharma company Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical, a manufacturer of external pain relieving drugs, announced the release of two products for the American market, Salonpas Pain Relief Patch and Salonpas Arthritis Pain. Hisamitsu, founded in 1847, introduced the original SALONPAS patch in 1934 and their productsMORE HERE

One of the BrandlandUSA readers asks to bring back Pacquin Hand Cream. It was one of the nation’s best known hand creams, for generations made by the Connecticut company Pacquin-Lester, later known as Leeming-Pacquin. Leeming, of course, made Hai Karate, so it was sort of a wacky-hip company. Currently, theMORE HERE