Salad Dressing Brands: Searching for Seven Seas, Marzetti and Carlini

Seven Seas Salad DressingWhile there are several major salad dressing brands and many small labels, the majors have pretty much consolidated under three corporate banners:

Kraft, Unilever, and the Marzetti division of Lancaster Colony.  Time has not been kind to heritage brands or flavors in this day of the “world brand”.

Kraft (NYSE: KFT) has long been known for its fine salad dressings and other condiments and still maintains a sizable line under their namesake banner.  Several longtime flavors, Casino French and Salad Secret, have disappeared and a number are pretty obscure.  A recent change in bottles has lent the line a generic, cheap look, though the great taste remains.  Such line variations as Italian, House Italian, and Zesty Italian still coexist with the Seven Seas Viva Italian, also a Kraft label but for how long?

Kraft obtained the Seven Seas brand (see the photo of a 1976 bottle from the website through its acquisition of Anderson Clayton Foods.  AC was in businesses similar to Kraft:  salad dressings, oils, and margarine.  Alas, Kraft has scrapped all but the dressings.  As time has gone on, Kraft has de-emphasized the Seven Seas branding, though the bottles do feature a fairly bold Viva tagline and Seven Seas does appear as a large trademark on front and back labels and neck label.  The variety in the line has been gutted, and the bottles are the generic Kraft issue.  The most frequent sightings are Green Goddess, Red Wine Vinaigrette, and Viva Italian.  Under Anderson Clayton, it included Seven Seas’ own versions of such standards as Creamy Italian and Thousand Island.

The Good Seasons brand came to Kraft with the General Foods merger.  Much has been said on this site about the unfortunate fallout of that marriage and the subsequent de-emphasis of the General Foods identity.  Good Seasons had always been a packet mix sold with trademark glass cruets.  Around 12 varieties of dressing packets remain, and the cruets are still sold…but, surprise, hard to locate.  Under the Kraft regime, a line of upscale dressings was introduced using the Good Seasons brand.  They have all been relabeled Kraft on the front and back labels with the Good Seasons trademark appearing only as a tiny feature on the neck label.  One doesn’t think of Good Seasons as a pre-prepared dressing…more Kraft confusion.

Kraft has dallied with many brand extensions over the years.  Its Breakstone Sour Cream line and Philadelphia Cream Cheese line have both been used as salad dressing brands featuring the namesake product as an ingredient.  Neither remain in the line today, though some of the dressings feature mix-ins of Kraft brands…most notably the Ranch with Oscar Mayer bacon.

For their part, Unilever (NYSE: UL) keeps its dressings under the Wish-Bone trademark, using it for spray extensions and for the Bountifuls upscale line.  Under Hellmann’s previous owner, CPC/Best Foods, there were at least two previous Hellmann’s salad dressing lines.  One came out in the 1990’s, another in the late 1950’s-early 1960’s.  Neither survived, though the later incarnation popped up from time to time until the Unilever acquisition of Best Foods.  The world brand strategy leaves Hellmann’s to mayonnaise and uses only Wish-Bone for dressings.

The Marzetti division of Lancaster Colony makes the namesake Marzettti dressings (originally from Marzetti’s Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio), Pfeiffer’s dressings, Cardini’s dressings including their famous Caesar, and Girard’s.  The latter remain specialty/upscale lines; Marzetti and Pfeiffer are basically mass market discount brands these days.  In its day, Marzetti was more like Ken’s Steak House dressings are today.  Ken’s remains independent and was also restaurant-based (Massachusetts).

Mayonnaises and salad dressings like Miracle Whip are also frequently used for salads.  They remain a curious niche market even in today’s more homogenized world.  While the big brands like Kraft and Hellmann’s dominate, Sauer still markets Duke, Sauer’s, Bama, and JFG…all with loyal Southern markets.  Nalley’s (part of Birds Eye Foods) also markets mayonnaise (as well as salad dressings)  in the Western states.  Reily Foods of New Orleans continues national distribution of Blue Plate Mayonnaise.

Editor’s Note: Below, an old Seven Seas commercial from the early television era.


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  1. I would like to know if the salad dressing “Orleans” is still being made? I believe it was by Seven Seas. If it is, where can I buy or order some? It was so good!
    Also, Orleans may be the cheesy salad dressing a lady was looking for in a previous post.

  2. Seven Seas Viva Herbs & Spices was the best salad dressing ever. They discontinued it when I was a kid and at the time I did not think about copying down the ingredients but I miss it every time I eat salad! Can’t even find an old bottle with an intact label… Would love to know if anyone has an ingredient list, recipe, old bottle w intact label, or has even found a salad dressing now available that tastes the same. Anyone who can help please let me know!

    1. Just wondering if you ever got an answer to this? I am looking to recreate this dressing for all my family members as a way to remember my grandparents who used to always have this stocked in their home!

  3. To the person that was wondering about releasing recipes for seven seas herbs and spices dressing. I will pay for recipe for personal use.

  4. Miss the seven seas red wine & vinegar – kraft must not use their recipe because it can’t hold a candle to Seven Seas! So sorry they no longer exist.

  5. When I was a kid my mom used to joke that I ate Seven Seas Creamy Bacon salad dressing on everything but my cereal. Salad, sliced tomatoes, tacos… I hoped that with the increasing popularity of bacon that we have been seeing lately that they might bring it back. I appreciate the suggestion on Ranch with Bacon, but it just isn’t the same. If anyone knows of a dressing that tastes similar, a recipe, or a petition to get it back into production, let me know! 🙂 Thank you!

  6. When I was a kid, my mom would joke that I put Seven Seas Creamy Bacon salad dressing on everything except my cereal. Salad, sliced tomatoes, tacos… I was hoping that with the popularity of bacon that we have been seeing for the last few years maybe it would be brought back. I appreciate the suggestion of Ranch with Bacon, but it’s just not the same. If anyone has a dressing that tastes similar, a recipe, or a petition to sign to get it back in production, let me know! 🙂

  7. I am trying to remember the name of a discontinued Kraft Salad Dressing. It was around in the ’70’s and early ’80’s, about the same time Green Goddess came out. It was creamy, kind of Italian and Cheesy. It was a light yellow color. It was not Catalina, or Casino, or Caesar. I don’t think it was Creamy Italian bc that was Seven Seas. A lot of people say they can remember it, but no one seems to know the name. Thanks!!

  8. I have been trying to find anything that can give me a hint about a salad dressing called “Salad Secret”. It was sort of a mix between French and maybe mayo? because it was a pinkish color and had a bite to it like French. I know it has been discontinued ages ago, but wondered if some copy cats out there have gotten a recipe? It was my fave as a teen back in the 60’s.

  9. Blue cheese salad dressing. 7 Seas. Receive please?

  10. Looking for. 7 Seas Blue cheese salad dressing. Help!

  11. I give up on what “moderation” you want.

  12. I REFUSE to compliment the flavor of your current dressings. How’s that?

  13. What “moderation” is needed? Just said my honest opinion about the current dressing favors. If “suck” offends you Kraft corporate know-it-alls, how about “crap”?

  14. All of the current Kraft dressings SUCK!!! Way too much sugar that affects their flavor to the point of tasting like garbage! PLEASE BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL “SEVEN SEAS” DRESSING RECIPES!!!!! THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!

  15. Id love to give U the receipts but not sure I can. Their is a limitation on time I don’t know it. My Father invented all the receipts for seven seas except butter milk, I feel He was taken advantaged of from both companies some Day ill release them…

    1. I agree. I miss Herbs and Spices by Seven Seas!! NO ONE makes a similar vinegrette.

    2. I will pay for herbs and spices recipe for personal use. I’m so sorry your Dad was taken advantage of. Sounds like typical corporate America.

    3. Just wondering if you ever got an answer to this? I am looking to recreate this dressing for all my family members as a way to remember my grandparents who used to always have this stocked in their home!

    4. Hi Joe – oh my gosh, please release the Seven Seas French Salad dressing receipe. This dressing got me hooked on salads when I was a tween and here I am almost 60 and love salads to this day. How I miss the Seven Seas French dressing – it was the best tasting dressing – could never find a match even close to it!

    5. Let us know when you share the recipe’s for Seven Seas Creamy Italian Dressing.
      Thank you

  16. For those who like a good ‘Thousand Island’ dressing…

    Try Ken’s Steak House Brand- Combine a 16 oz. bottle, cut it with 6 oz. milk, add 3 oz. tomato ketchup ( a 32 oz. bottle with above recipe, shake it up) and it is thinner, easy to pour, and makes a long lasting , delicious dressing. Much better taste than any other thick dressing such as Kraft…. Ever notice store bought never tastes like that of a good resturant?????

    Marzetti’s also works well with this recipe, but costs more.



    Bruce Hux

  17. Seven Seas had some of the best salad dressings on the market. I was the one responsible for the first liquid ranch dressing and maintaining the rest of the line. Unfortunately, Kraft, in their wisdom, chose to do away with most, if not all of the line.

  18. Can anyone tell me what happened to the HERBS & SPICES DRESSING – I use to make my noodle salad with it and now I can’t make it anymore. I am trying all different recipes and I can’t get the taste that I want. Why can’t you make it again.

  19. Can anyone tell me what happened to the HERB & SPICES DRESSING – I use to make my noodle salad with it and now I can’t make it anymore. I am trying all different recipes and I can’t get the taste that I want.

  20. I would love to have the seven seas Herbs and Spices salad dressing. Would do all good things get discontinued. 🙁

  21. I’m with Kim we loved those three dressings.

  22. Try Kroger creamy Italian taste and color are about the same.

  23. Does anyone remember the Salad Secret dressing? My mother use to make yachtsman salad using that dressing and my recipe is gone. Did anyone ever make that salad using Salad Secret dressing?

  24. I loved seven seas creamy Italian. Also creamy Caesar and green goddess. Too bad Kraft doesn’t bring them back. Soooo much better than the Kraft varieties.

  25. I was so disappointed when they done away with the Seven Seas Creamy Italian. My whole family love it. We used it a lot of different ways. We have all tried different creamy Italian dressings but none compare. I wish Kraft would bring this dressing back! I know lots of people who would be happy to see it again.

  26. Does anyone have a recipe that I can have that tastes like the old Seven Seas “Salad Secret” dressing…I basically stopped eating salad when it went off the market…I LOVED that dresing !

  27. as a child my mom would always have ann page french dressing on our salads. it had a thinner consistancy. bought from the local A&P store. i have not been able to find one like it over the years. any idea if the brand still exists or what ingredients were in it?

  28. does anyone know if the Ann Page salad dressing of the 1950’s is being marketed under a different name or have a recipe to make it? Thanks Art

  29. Does anybody remember White House Dressing? I think Girard made it. We used to use it as a topping on steamed veggies or salads. Last seen in the late 70’s.

  30. tough to find seven seas anywhere…..their Creamy Italian was the very best! Kraft supposedly sells “7 Seas Italian” but it tastes like Kraft Italian to me, NOT 7 seas! Oh well…all good things come to an end!
    They did have 7 Seas Green Goddess out last summer…it was fantastic…have not seen it since.

  31. I THINK what I’ve been looking for is the Seven Seas Creamy Italian Dressing…is it sort of yellow? Creamy and has some bits of c0lor in it..maybe reds and maybe green? I know it was definitely Seven Seas and was a light yellow color and creamy. I sure would like to have this again..any ideas?????

  32. Someone!!!!!Anyone!!!!!!! Tell me anywhere in the world I can purchase Seven Seas Creamy Italian Dressing. PLEASE

  33. I recently bought Kraft’s Seven Seas red wine vinaigrette dressing online ( can’t find in the stores around here)for my mom because it is her favorite. But neither one of us remembers it as having so much oil! I took about half a bottles’ worth of oil out and she loves it. Waaay too much oil.

  34. do they sell a salad dressing called roquefort anymore? I live in the atlanta area.

  35. Could you please give me the name of a
    Grocery Store that carries 7seas lite Red Wine
    Vinaigrette. ? I love it and cannot locate anywhere. Thank you.

  36. I had been looking for Kraft Cucumber Salad Dressing for years, ever since it was discontinued. I finally found a site that sells it in Canada along with Kraft Russian and a few others. What is out there now either has Ranch combined with it, or Vidalia Onion, neither of which I am interested in.

    Also, Kraft (I think) used to make for a brief time a salad dressing called “Taco.” It was a pale orange in color, but deeper than Thousand Island and had a mild “Mexican spice” flavor that was just wonderful in putting together taco salads.

    Why can’t these companies do “Elite” re-do’s of these in small batches for the public? Right now every store in my area has stopped carrying Naturally Fresh Wine and Cheese Dressing, and I have to order it six bottles a pop direct from the manufacturer in Georgia.

    Whatever happened to “choice?”

    1. I too loved the creamy Cucumber dressing and would appreciate the site you found that carries it. Thanks

      1. Hidden Valley Ranch has a Cucumber Ranch that’s really good. Not all stores carry it. Hope you like it.

  37. whatever happened to casino french dressing..I too, had a special recipe for it…what can I use instead?

  38. It’s really crappy that Kraft has basically done away with the Seven Seas Creamy Italian. I had a wonderful chicken recipe that required that and now I can’t make it. The only one I ever see is Marzettis and theirs isn’t any good.

    1. kraft had a packet mix for creamy italian
      which they for some reason they did away with. i wonder if it was originally good seasons? anyway i now use the good seasons italian packet and mix it with half cup milk, half cup cream, half cup sour cream, half cup mayo. it is not perfectly the same but it is the closest i have found. i sometimes add a couple teaspoons from a ranch packet.

  39. Good Seasons Salad Dressing Cruets are sold at Super Kmart.

  40. I wish I had known that Derby Tamales were going to be discontinued, I would have tried to stock up. I am very disappointed. I love them and haven’t found anything that even comes close to the tast of the Derby.

  41. Vivian

    Good Seasons is about the tastiest….I had no idea the designs had changed over the years. I dont know about it but will try to post something when I can gather the info.

  42. I have a few of the old Good Seasons Salad Dressing Cruets and wish to find out when they were sold. Do you know their history or can you direct me to a site that can give me that info.?


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