DETROIT – No brand is safe now and General Motors (NYSE: GM)  is indeed in a mess. All the brands are damaged. It should not be this way. All of them lost sight of what their mission was in GM. You cannot have multiple platforms which cost you money andMORE HERE

We read a great post on General Motors, and their brand and intellectual property portfolio. The Truth about Cars website interviewed Paul Earle of Chicago-based River West Brands, a company that revives defunct brand names to get his take. Earle’s answer is not killing off brands, but trying to manageMORE HERE

DETROIT – Recent press reports indicate that Saturn might completely disappear as part of a new General Motors, and Pontiac might be a sub-brand sold at other dealers. Who knows what will happen to Saab, but whatever will happen, Saab, Hummer and Saturn are all for sale, perhaps free ifMORE HERE

Some GM cars aren’t selling. Why that’s a news flash! The Wall Street Journal reported today that General Motors has a large number of slow selling cars, including the Pontiac G5, Pontiac G8, Saab 9-7, Saab 9-5 and Saturn Astra. Apparently, they are pretty good cars, and get decent mileage.MORE HERE