So this is one brand that we don’t want to see back on the shelves. Back then, pet food was sold both for dogs and cats. While we’re not sure Horse Meat would sell (and its apparently not legal in the U.S.) the dual use pet food might be interesting.MORE HERE

Remember Interwoven Socks? They were one of the nation’s top sock brands, and were part of Kayser-Roth. This ad is from a 1968 Esquire, but by the mid 1970s, Interwoven was known for much more, including the John Newcombe tennis brand. Interwoven was part of Kayser-Roth, which still exists inMORE HERE

We came across another great old brand. Jack Tar Marine Finishes marine paint. It’s made by BLP Mobile Paints of Mobile, Alabama. The Mobile Paint Company made “Southernized” coatings in Mobile, Alabama’s waterfront district. They developed special formulas for the “subtropical” region and still have a “Caribbean Division.” Mobile PaintMORE HERE

We were thinking of great brands related to lighters. Of course there is Zippo, which has done an aggressive and smart job of keeping an anachronistic brand alive at a time when folks don’t smoke as much as they used to. One other brand is Ronson, the flint and lighterMORE HERE

At home, in a sewing kit, I noticed a handy little brand many have forgotten is still around. Dritz. It’s part of the great pantheon of sewing brands, some over a century old. Brands like Singer, The McCall Pattern Company, Coats & Clark and Talon Zipper. And of course thereMORE HERE

Pens are important, and so is penmanship, though I don’t have the handwriting I wish I had and wish I had taken courses with the Marion Richardson series. That being said, I do like writing by hand, and like different pens for different things. And I like a fountain pen,MORE HERE