Sometimes you bury pride and sell on price. Remember Ed Rooney, in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? He drove a government issue K-car. During the 1980s, the Plymouth K-car was what the government bought when it needed something basic. If you were lucky, it had a $79 AM radio. We heardMORE HERE

This week began the beginning of the Model T’s 100th anniversary year. It is of course the worst time ever for the auto industry, even worse than the 1970s. Ford is a sad case, but it’s worse at GM, where major Chevrolet dealerships are closing because they are unsellable. NoneMORE HERE

O.K., so the Ford 500 wasn’t the big hit that Ford Motor Company wanted. Ford Chairman William Clay Ford‘s wish to have a sedan that would look respectable driving up to a country club failed. Was it the name? Or was it that the car design or engineering wasn’t thatMORE HERE