Motel Safari in Tucumari, New Mexico

Tucumari, N. M. – Restored American motels keep popping up, a witness to the American need to preserve some of the more interesting parts of the American roadside, especially on Route 66.

Here, the Safari Motel. Tell the kids it’s the sort of roadside attraction from Pixar’s Cars. The hotel is apparently owned by Richard Talley, president of Smalltown America, a company he set up to buy and run motels along Route 66.

Please do stop in and visit Motel Safari if you are in Tucumari.

This motel, and ones like it, are quite popular with not only nostalgic Americans but Europeans. Most cities have them, and think that they are not assets, but they are. If you have a motel like this on your highway strip, stop thinking of it as low income housing and fix it up.


  • Garland Pollard

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