Marion Richardson Script, the Classic British Italic Handwriting Series

Marion RichardsonHere is a cover from a Marion Richardson handwriting book that came from The Everett School in Virginia Beach, Virginia. (Everett was the predecessor to Cape Henry Collegiate School.) Everett used the best British teaching methods, including Richardson’s series, up until the 1970s.

We saved it because we are admirers of Marion Richardson’s handwriting style, which is that old early 20th century script taught in British public schools. We think the American cursive that I learned in the 1970s from Mrs. Guion, with all those curly q’s and such, is not my favorite and it ruined handwriting for generations of Americans. Thankfully, now the curriculum is better, and less ornery.

We put the cover out there to show how to properly brand a book. Here, this design is from the University of London Press.

We miss simple type and simple presentation, particularly in school books. Today, school books are over-designed and filled with unattractive type.

Editor’s Note: BrandlandUSA is tracking interest in the series and efforts to revive the script around the world.


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  1. I was taught in a British Era boarding school in Mussoorie (India), where great emphasis was laid on the hand writing and quite particularly the pattern was Marion Richardson. My teacher Mr. Nirmal Mohindroo was very particular.

    Today, years after I having left the school, I take great pride on this heritage and particularly I bestow gratitude to Mrs. Nirmal Mohindroo, on every occasion when people round me and my employers/seniors appreciate my handwriting apart from my proficiency in English language (which they say, although I do not!)

  2. i need a copy of this book. it is required work at my children’s school. grateful for any info.

  3. When I was in primary school back in 60’s, we were taught with Marion aricharddon writing style. Those patterns and filling in of colours. All schoolgirls brought up from our school have this trait of writing and we are so proud of this heritage. I still keep one of those books yet the book cover was gone. Would like to know how I can ordet the whole set…..

  4. No examples of Marion Richardson handwriting

  5. I can’t believe the name popped into my head the other day. I learned Marion Richardson whilst in primary school in the UK in the late -50’s. I still feel sick when I think about writing her 3. I took all the loops of my letters after I left that school!

  6. sir,
    I am a teacher working at UAE, Dubai. I am interested in learning “writing patterns of Marion Richardsen”. Where can I find these patterns in internet? I feel Ineed certain help in finding the same.

  7. sir,

    I am from India.
    I want to know about “Writing & Writing Patterns” – By Marion Richardsen.
    From were i can get this book in Bombay- India.
    Pls inform me as early as possible.


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