Glad Mrs. Filbert’s Mayo is Still Around

One of our favorite companies, C.F. Sauer of Richmond, owns one of the great forgotten mayonnaise brands, Mrs. Filbert’s. At right, the Mrs. Filbert’s tower, from the Flickr page of Zeusface. Click on his collection, and you will see lots of cool stuff, including old Atlanta.

In the South, mayonnaise is important. Food snobs do not like it, but that is so wrong, because different degrees of vinegar make different mayo. For instance, I think Kraft mayo is WAY too sweet. And I find that lowfat mayo has an aftertaste.

The key to good food, especially in the summer is mayo. In Virginia, it was mostly all about Duke’s Mayonnaise, which is a North Carolina brand but owned by Richmond-based Sauer. However, just poking around their website, we noticed that they also now sell Mrs. Filbert’s. Mrs. Filbert’s was also a Southern brand, and we didn’t know how Southern until we saw the tower picture in Atlanta from Zeusface.

Sauer bought Mrs. Filbert’s in 1999. Sauer now owns Sauer’s Mayonnaise, Duke’s Mayonnaise and Mrs. Filberts. If Unilever ever sold them Hellman’s, we’d have to put the old Justice anti-trust on ’em!

There was actually a Mrs. Filbert, a Mrs. M.V. Filbert, who would give you your money back if you didn’t like the mayo.

We are glad Mrs. Filbert is still around.


  1. Sauer’s also has the Bama brand and the JFG brand. These are Alabama and Tennessee regionals. Every one tastes different!

  2. Garland, Duke’s is SOUTH Carolina-born and -made! Not N.C.

  3. JFG is produced by JFG Coffee Co. of Knoxville, Tennessee, which is a subsidiary of Reily Foods in New Orleans. Not affiliated with Sauer’s and Bama products.

  4. where can I find mrs Filberts mayonnaise in martinsville va.

  5. Mrs Filberts mayo has always been my favorite.
    Why is it not more available here in Pasadena
    Md. The only place I have been able to find it is
    at Mars supermarket and now that Mars has decided to close several stores it is even harder
    to get.

    1. Where can I find Ms Filbert’s msyo can’t find it anywhere please help frantic in Baltimore md

  6. 620-2163.. Where can I find mrs filberts mayonnaise in Norfolk Company.

  7. Don’t bother trying to find Mrs. Filbert’s mayonnaise, and expect it’s like it used to be. Since Sauer of Richmond bought them out, all they did was stop the original Mrs. Filbert’s recipe, and fill the jars with there nasty Duke’s mayonnaise.
    Suggest you try Blue Plate Mayonnaise, sold at most Wal-Marts. That’s even better than the old Filbert’s, and very similar in texture and taste.

  8. I love Mrs. Filberts Mayo. It’s hard to find here in Maryland. Redners is the only place I can find it. Help

    1. Where is redners

  9. As far as I know, Mrs. Filbert was a Maryland native – possibly a Baltimorean. My mum told me the Filberts had begun making their condiments during the Depression, just to get by. It was the only brand she ever bought.

    In our neighbourhood, a Mrs. Filbert’s mustard jar was a standard measure. “Mrs. Harper is ill. I think we ought to make a food tree for her.”
    “Good idea. How much do you thing we should send?”
    “Well, she’s alone. I think a Mrs. Filbert’s mustard jar of soup ought to be enough for a meal.”

  10. I’m from Middle River Maryland and I can’t find Mrs.Filbert’s anywhere. Please tell me where I can buy this delicious product. Thank you. Please don’t stop selling it.

  11. I am in Virginia and I can not find Mrs Filbert’s Mayonnaise anywhere. Please help. It is by far the best and my ultimate favorite. I am in dire straights

  12. Author

    It seems like the brand has disappeared. Not even sure about the margarine.

  13. Redner,s was the only place I could find Mrs Filbert’s mayonnaise but now they don’t carry it anymore. I have tried Dukes and I do not like it. Please let me know where I may get Mrs Filbert’s mayonnaise. I guess I just won’t be using mayonnaise at all. There are no other replacements for that kind of mayonnaise.

  14. Oh, the Redner’s store is in Joppatown Maryland and I live in White Marsh,Mayland . I have no idea where to look for Mrs Filbert’s mayonnaise.Giant does not have it, now Redners don’t have it, Weis took over Mars and they don’t have it. Please tell me where I can purchase it.

  15. I am 70 years old always use Mrs. Filbert’s mayonnaise. Now I can’t find it. I am from Va. I used it for salads & slaws alot of good dishes. Now now I don’t make these dishes because they are not good. Please help.

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