Remembering Vinol, the Drug for Anemia

VinolThe drug Vinol often appears in old pictures.

But what was Vinol? It was a drug for anemia and general weakness. It was part of the companies Chester Kent and also Drug Inc. Vinol had exclusive relationships with retailers; hence the large signs in places like New York. Main ingredients were cod liver oil and liver and beef peptones. Other ingredients include cascara and syrup of wild cherry.

The company made all sorts of products including Fletcher’s Castoria, Philips Milk of Magnesia, Cascarets, Sal Hepatica, Gastrogen and Ipana.


  • Garland Pollard

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  1. In 1905, the Ashville (O.) Home News carried an ad for Vinol, available at Beaver’s store. The ad said nothing about what Vinol was. I guess people generally knew.

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