Five Reasons Why Valleydale Pigs Are the Best Ads Ever

There are many great ads, and it is hard to characterize a best. Very often a “best” tells as much about the person as the ad. Nevertheless, there are some ad campaigns that transcend all time.

Such are the Valleydale pigs ads. PETA is perhaps the only group that might not like it, and they might should, as the pigs are so cute as to not want to eat them. The ads were well known in the eastern U.S., and still show up from time to time. The Hooray for Valleydale was a product of the Noble Dury & Associates agency in Nashville, Tenn.

What aspects make it work?

  1. It works over time. A great ad is one that can be shown, year after year, and still sell product. If you  watch the commercials today, you still want the product today. Plus, the animated characters do not require residual actors fees and such. You can keep using them for each generation, just like a Disney movie.
  2. The tune sticks. Far too many commercials today do not use music. Music is the secret weapon of advertising; once a tune is in your head, you cannot help but think about the product. And when you see the product, you think about the tune.
  3. It explains. Each of the products is shown, all under the Valleydale brand. “Valleydale Sausage. Valleydale Bacon.” One often forgotten part of advertising is SHOW THE PRODUCT. Even the Honee-Weenees.
  4. It is smart and clever. While these sorts of ads seem sort of simple, to actually put one together is difficult. You really have to think it through, especially with animation. Because they are designed well and intelligent, any type of person can enjoy them.
  5. Kids like them, but adults do too. Today, so much advertising is very targeted. But this sort of advertising cuts across all market demographics quite easily. Everyone can get the message that Valleydale bacon is great.

All Hail Valleydale.


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