Canada Dry Wink Fans Please Speak Up

Wink, a grapefruit soda by Canada Dry

Are there still Wink fans?

Wink was the grapefruit-based soft drink by Canada Dry. Originally, the drink had a Wink-mobile that drove around, with a giant Wink bottle on top. Folks would do a sort of Pepsi Challenge and taste it. The grapefruit was very tart, and it originally resembled Pelligrino tartness.

It had a grown up taste, and seemed to be only purchased by grandparents when children came to stay for the weekend.

You see, in earlier but forgotten eras, children came down at 5 p.m. and sat with the older generation for something called cocktails. Children would drink these soft drinks such as Wink, and then leave and mess about until dinner time.

In the advertisement at right, Canada Dry is marketing it to the sassy generation.

It was the “Sassy one from Canada Dry.”

Below a few commercials. At very bottom, the Winkmobile.


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  1. Nothing represents jumping in a pool on a hot summer day with thousands of tiny bubbles rushing to the surface more than wink. ne of the few all time classics. Please please please bring it back in the original formula.

    1. Bring back Canada Dry Wink

      1. I think it is time for a nostalgic bring back of the soft drink Wink. most of my senior acquaintances grew up with Gin and Wink as a favorite mixed drink. How can we get Canada Dry to bring it back, even for a short trip down memory lane? I would buy enough to last me the rest of my life!!!

  2. Wink not sold anymore. Say it ain’t so. I have such a history with Canada Dry products because my family owned motels and restaurants around the united states they all had bars and dance floors but always as far back as I can remember it was always Canada Dry mixers behind the bar and of all of them, Wink was my weakness. And still very much is. So for my family and every person who’s commented your comments join mine.

    Please return Wink back to the public it has been absent too long from Florida store selves.

  3. Im still looking for a pamphlet copy of The Mouse That Saved Christmas that Canada Dry released back in the early to mid 1960’s It was a promotional item and am hoping to find a copy.

  4. I miss the drink Wink, wish Canada dry bring it back. That was staple drink in my family.

    1. We have to bring back Wink!!!

    2. Loved this drink particularly the diet version. It was the best diet on the market.

  5. I loved Wink and drank it exclusively as my favorite soda. I can still taste it in memory and would love to see it return from Canada Dry.

  6. I would love for Wink to make a comeback. My mom found it somewhere a few years ago but I have been searching high and low to no avail. I grew up in Ontario and could be bought at any store.

  7. I love Wink. It was the best soda ever. I grew up in South Florida. Wink never made it to our stores. When we visited family in South Carolina summers and CHRISTmas we always had Wink. Canada Dry, PLEASE bring it back.

  8. I wish they would bring it back!! Love Wink!!

  9. I wish they would bring Wink back. I miss this soft drink.

  10. Just picked up a few 1 litter bottles of Wink at Harris Teeters in Nags Head, NC while on vacation. That’s the only place I can find it and always stock up when we are there.

  11. I want Wink again! Been trying to find it forever!
    Please make more and sell it everywhere!


  13. Wink in Ontario please. Wink & JD. Truly need to have this pop on the shelf & now is a good time to reintroduce grapefruit drinks with the hipster crowd!

  14. I miss Wink so much. It reminds me of summers visiting my grandparents. Such a refreshing drink on a hot day, and not as sweet as other soft drinks. My wife ordered a bottle for me a few years back from one of the states that still produces it. What a letdown. As another commenter noted, they have changed the recipe. Too sweet, no grapefruit juice in the mix. Please bring back the original recipe!

  15. We grew up with Wink. Best grapefruit soda ever made. Even after all of these years, I still miss it terribly. PLEASE bring it back.

  16. I loved drinking WINK as a teen. Me and the boys would buy a big bag of potato chips and a 750 ML bottle of Wink and head to our hideaway for the night. We’d listen to the TOP 40 hits for the week and talk about girls all night. It was a great drink THEN and as an adult, it would be a great choice and alternative now.

  17. Wink was my husband’s favorite drink. He was and still is very sad that Wink was discontinued. PLEASE, PLEASE bring it back.

  18. I want Wink – I had it back in the 1970’s. Did get a few bottles at a Food Lion in Virginia. ?Send it to Florida the Publix Supper Market.

  19. I loved Wink. Was taking a sip of something new, bubly sparkling water, and had a flashback to my youth. Its not exactly Wink, but it did send me searching for it! As a kid I didn’t even know it was grapefruit flavored! Crazy. I’d love to find it again! And Tahitian Treat!

  20. Bring it back please it was so good we liked it with Gin.

    1. Wink mixed with Mr
      Boston Sloe Gin. The very best sweet mixed drink.

  21. Wink was – and is – my universal and favorite mixer. It’s the only thing that mixes with gin, rum, vodka, whiskey, bourbon, tequila…just about everything ‘cept scotch. Canada Dry has licensed production to other soft drink bottlers. Around here, it’s the Dr. Pepper/7Up bottler. BUT…the one local store that carried it (Farm Fresh) has gone out of business. I bought all they had left on the shelf.

    Wink has one other superb use: mix 1 part Wink to 4 parts ice water to really kill your thirst after hot, heavy work.


  22. Why not bring it back as a ‘blast from the past for a limited time and see how it does?? Come on Canada Dry….how much more feedback do you need to see that we all want it back hunh? Please! For the love of God!! Its all i would drink as a kid. As an adult, it went really good with vodka 🙂

  23. I so Miss WINK!!! Loved it!! Wish we could still get it!!!! I would always be stocked with it.

  24. I used to drink Wink in the 1960s and early 1970s. I have not seen any for decades and I have looked. I would need to have a diet Wink if I could get some now because I am diabetic.

  25. See Wink the Drink Facebook page – we Wink lovers can continue to make ourselves known!

  26. Loved WINK and would love to be able to buy it again.

  27. Wink is available from only a few bottlers in Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, & South Carolina. I love wink! Miss it as well! Live out west now!

  28. Wink was without a doubt the most refreshing soft drink I ever had growing up, and I really miss it. Can’t find it here in Maryland. Why did you stop distributing it here ?

  29. Anyone remember the ‘Brownie’ chocolate drink, was like a ‘YooHoo’, but better?

  30. I see it’s available in North Carolina only and do to bottling rights can only be sold in NC..a friend is stopping next week to get some I hope and bring back to canada

  31. I miss wink. If anyone knows where to get it please post.

  32. I absolutely loved wink growing up! When I was in my twenties I always had wink in my household. It seems like one day I went to the store and it was gone, I did go to liquar stores looking for it with no luck, so if you are thinking of bringing it back that would be great.

  33. I had on store that sold WINK in my area and went in and bought it 20 to 40 at a time. But now it is gone. So unhappy. Have been drinking it over 50 years.

  34. I absolutely LOVED Wink!! When it disappeared from the market I was very disappointed. I wish Canada Dry would reintroduce it. It would probably have better sales today with people loving such a large variety of flavors. If they ever bring it back though, DON”T change it.

  35. Wink was the best soda. Does anyone know where you csn buy it?

  36. I would love to see Wink back in the area. My favorite Uncle Ed always drank Gin and Wink until he could find it no longer. It is a great summer treat- although he drank it year round. Please bring it back to PA and northern VA. Thanks.

  37. The original Wink and Tahiti Treat were two stand alone drinks that I often find myself wishing I could get my hands on. There are allot of ok Drinks but these two hold a special place in pop stardom. Please bring them back in original form.

  38. Gin and Wink was dad’s BBQing drink and as soon as he would head back to the grill ny brother and I would race to his cup and drain it. We were 7 and 8. The good old days!!

  39. It has a cult following. Our family buys out the stores when we find it. We know of other families who do to. They don’t carry it in Southeastern PA anymore and we’re truly sad about that. It should be marketed better and it will rise from the south and back shelves.

  40. The best summer drink…..very refreshing and light. LOVED it big time. As I grew older mixed it with gin. I wish it was still around or brought back. Used to love the commercials….wink the sassy one! BRING IT BACK!!

  41. Wink is my favorite soda! I’ve been searching the internet trying to order some as a treat and I can’t find any! Would love to know where to get it!

  42. I love Wink!! I haven’t had it since I moved to Florida 40 years ago but am always looking for it when I’m up north, to no avail. Where can I get it?

  43. My Dad worked for Canada Dry when I was young back in the 60’s We always had Wink Tahitian Treat Grape Orange and Root Beer and Cola and Sport Cola to drink. Im still looking for the Christmas Story they put out one year and I think it was “The Mouse That Saved Christmas” Canada Dry had the BEST tasting soda/Pop/Tonic in the World!

  44. Please bring Wink back to Tampa! We miss you!!

  45. I love Wink! Cannot find it in Florida. Please make this soda available. So good as a simpke refresher, and even better with either gin or vodka!

  46. This was the favorite soft drink in our household through the 70’s 80’s and into the 90’s when it started getting harder to find. It was a perfect blend of different citrus flavors including grapefruit. The last place here in Florida I can remember finding it was Deschamps and they are out of business. If this is still available anywhere else in the country I’d like to know about it and perhaps order some online. Now I’m really craving it! Best soft drink ever!

  47. I miss wink. Trying to make my own recipe now. It was so refreshing and tart. People who’ve never had it missed something great. I truely believe it got replaced by Fresca. A lower calorie drink that was similar but no where close. Back then diet drinks had just started to become really popular. Is too bad really. Wish they’d bring it back. But mine’s not so bad.

  48. Please bring wink soda back I have looked for it as I travel for years and years and can’t find it

  49. Please bring back Wink, I look for it every time I walk down the pop isle, in the grocery store. I look for it at the convenience store. I look for it everywhere and I really want it to to come back. Please, please, please. It is the only pop I ever really liked.

  50. Use to drink gin and wink but can’t buy it anymore. Come on bring it back, please.

  51. Wink mixes with rum, whiskey (bourbon or Tennesee), rum, vodka, or gin. Just bought some at Farm Fresh, they also carry it at Harris Teeter here in Virginia Beach.

  52. Wink was our most fav mix for vodka. I hate that it was discontinued. Please bring it back

  53. I started drinking Wink in the 60’s mostly because my brother did not like it, so it was always in the fridge when I wanted it (wink).
    I came to love that soda more than any other.

  54. I love Wink. It was only available at Christmas time when I was a child and it now seems like part of the tradition is missing.
    Whoever now owns the Wink brand, please bring back the original Wink in individual serving bottles! Best and most refreshing soda ever!

  55. Bring it back! I almost never drink soda, but if the original Wink came back, I would definitely buy it!
    It reminds me of the old ladies whose lawns I would mow in the 60’s. They never had root beer, but they always had Wink, so that’s what I would get! I grew to love it!

  56. You can still find/buy Wink in Virginia. Food Lion carries it and sometimes you can find it at Kroger in Virginia also. I wish it would come back to Tennessee.

  57. LOVED WINK! Please bring it back – please sell it in Southern California!

  58. The last time I had Canada Dry Wink was back in Savanna, Georgia in the late 1980’s. I found it at a Piggly Wiggly Supermarket. Canada Dry please bring back Wink. It has been Gone far too long. Best soda ever!

  59. Why do some consumers insist that Wink was lemon lime. It was GRAPEFRUIT!

  60. I still drank some in the erly 90 over in el paso tx. Then it disappeared

  61. I always drank Wink as a kid in the ’60s and 70s when my family would go on vacation to the family cabin in Ontario. I loved it. What really stands out in my memory was how it was perfect for stripping all remnants of a peanut butter sandwich from your teeth and the roof of your mouth! I’ve heard they reformulated it, which is a damn shame. I would imagine the original formula would make an excellent foundation for mixed drinks.

  62. The last time (8-10 years ago) I looked into why Wink is so hard to find, here is what I learned:

    – It was taken over by Cadbury Schweppes at some point but bottled by various bottlers and handled by various distributors
    – Said distributors sign agreements with the big cola companies (yes, THOSE two) not to carry products that compete with certain of their products, in this case lemon-lime offerings (though Wink is grapefruit based).
    – That soft drink distribution is do mi nated by antics such as this and stores can try all they want to get certain products but are not able to, nor told why they can’t.

    I make runs to NC for my Wink supply (top one-trip purchase total 78 bottles from 9 different stores – Lowe’s, Harris Teeter, Food Lion!) but sure wish I could get it locally here in SC.

  63. Am looking for Wink here in upstate NY. Where is it?!!

  64. WHY NO MORE WINK? Is the best ever drink… I cannot accept (still) there is not more… PLEASE if anyone know where is being sell just advice!!!!!! pleaseeeeeeee!!!

  65. I drank Wink all the time in the 60’s, it was my favorite soda. Then it just went away. The last time I had Wink was in Curaçao in the Caribbean. It was in a warehouse store, I bought A LOT of it. I want in back in the U.S.

  66. I love love loved Wink! Why did they stop selling it here in Kentucky! We used to make some great drinks with Wink! When they quit selling it here we used to get people to bring it back from Florida for us. Then it just disappeared completely! I’ve researched Wink several times but nothing!Nothing on the market today is even close to the taste of Wink!

  67. Wnk is so refreshing, and different, nothing else like it. Hope to find it soon!!! Refreshing with a kick, and different in taste from anything else out there. My only complaint is that it is impossible to find!!!

  68. Wink was the best. I wish they would bring it back. So refreshing alone but mixed with Gin, it was a great adult beverage with a coolng affect. Canada Dry really messed up when they stopped making Wink. 🙁

  69. Love Wink. They could always bring it back “for a limited time only” to test it’s viability.

  70. I moved to Louisiana in the 90’s and haven’t been able to find it. Gin is making a comeback and nothing is better than gin and wink! So many people here want to try it.

  71. In the mid 70’s I lived in Everett, WA. I use to ride my bicycle 2 blocks down the road to the nearby gas station where they had Wink in their pop machine. It was my favorite soft drink. I miss it to this day and would continue to drink it if it were still offered.

  72. I grew up in wickenburg, az. and my whole family loved Wink, and my father had a cocktail lounge where the patron’s loved a Drink that one of the bartender concocted …I wish we had it back.

  73. My whole family loves Wink. Starting drinking as a child when we went to Clearwater,Florida every year on vacation.Use to buy it in Winn Dixie stores here for years. At one time I use to buy it in the liter bottles online at some store and have it shipped but it got to costly. Canada Dry please bring back Wink Grapefruit Drink every where and make us all HAPPY.

  74. Wink was my favorite childhood drink. Wish I could find it now!! Canada Dry Please bring it back.

  75. Would love to have WINK back. Forgot how. Good it was.

  76. Loved wink soda, please make it again!!!

  77. Please bring back Wink, was my favorite as a child, and would love to find it here in Kingsport Tennessee! Bring it back!!!!!!!!

  78. Miss Wink soda. Drank it for years when I lived in Northern Indiana in the 60’s and 70’s. Would love to have a cool bottle right now!!!!

  79. Love Wink so much, oh how I miss it. Not a big soda drinker but would purchase this one to the point where I would always have around when ever I wanted it and to offer it to others to turn them on to it if they didn’t know it. Did have some maybe 10 years ago in a little community store in Atlanta. Let us rally for it please!?

  80. The only thing that me and my mom could ever drink when trying to recover from a stomach virus. Nothing else seems to work.

  81. I loved the taste of the drink, first name is wink,there is a game host named wink martindale.bring back the drink,wink…wink

  82. My daughter and I loved Wink ; that was in central Florida in the late 70’s. If someone here would sell it, I can guarantee we would both be buying it weekly.

  83. Loved Wink in the 70’s definitly would love Wink today, but can’t find any in South Carolina PLEASE BRING IT BACK TO SOUTH CAROLINA

  84. Yay for Ann’s grandfather! I am having some WINK right now, cut with 100 % cranberry pomegranate juice over crushed ice, it is yummy with 100% concorde grape/ cherry too! Other times it’s Cabernet Sauvignon cut with WINK over crushed ice. Instead of gingerale when my children are not feeling well, I have always given them WINK. In the 60’s, as a child, my parents would play dominoes with 2 good friends and I always looked forward to a glass of WINK in a pineapple shaped glass. It is hard to find, luckily the local Food Lion (VA) carries it. I usually purchase several bottles at a time.

  85. Is there any where NC to buy Wink. Gin and Wink has been my summer drink for years, can’t find it this year. (Will travel to get it)

  86. Tahitian Treat is still available, but does not have the Canada Dry logo on it.

  87. My dad worked for Canada Dry for close to 40 years. We always had the best soda at the house. Wink was a fantastic drink. My understanding is that it is still produced, but not distributed everywhere in the US. I know it hasn’t been in the Philly area for quite a long time. When I was a kid, my dad sent the Wink truck to my house. It was a hit in the neighborhood and they even gave me a ride. Good times…

  88. Not sure if Wink is owned by Canada Dry or Cadbury now, but I “import” from NC to SC as many bottles as I can find at a time. Researched the availability problem several years ago and bottler/distributor agreements with Coke and Pepsi seemed to be the hang-up. Only a few stores in NC carry it and not a one that I know of in SC. I lobby for wider distribution on every site I can find. Glad to see there are others out there like me!

  89. Please bring Wink back to Canada ….or let us know at least another website to purchase it as it is dearly missed!

  90. I enjoyed Wink. The closest I could find in FL was Albertsons brand citrus soda but Alberstons went out of business. Walmart grapefruit is close but it is getting harder to find. Please bring Wink to Central Florida, or at least a safe reputible website to purchase from.

  91. Loved Wink in the late 60’s early 70’s. Actually found it again a few years ago in Food Lion and Krogers in Virginia Beach were I would stock up with 10 bottles. On recent trips havent found it though.

  92. I remember in the late ’60’s in southern California, my parents and their friends drinking ‘wine coolers’ made from Red Mountain Vin Rose(gallon jug) and Wink!
    Other times my folks would make weak coolers for my brother and I. Just enough wine to make the Wink pink. Then we would lay out on the patio roof to sun bathe. I miss my childhood…
    And this from Wikipeda, “In the United States, Wink is available from some bottlers in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia.”

  93. Wish I could find it in the Cleveland OH area

  94. I love Wink. I have a special connection to it because my grandfather worked for Canada Dry and was the person who created the recipe for Wink.

  95. Loved Wink for years and then it disappeared as a regular in Gastonia NC.

    Recently tried Squirt in CO, also a Dr. pepper /snapple brand, and it was ok, even caffeine free. It too is not in NC.

  96. I love, love, LOVE Wink! It is like Fresca (original flavor), only with sugar instead of sugar-free. It mixed wonderfully with cocktails, and reminds me of days gone by. I saw it about 7 or 8 years ago, and hope it’s still around. Look for it in small country stores or convenience stores in the middle of nowhere.

  97. I too loved Wink and tahiti treat please bring them back I think Canada Dry is owned by Cadbury

  98. Loved wink! Its time for the return of Wink!

  99. I have love Wink for years. Would love to know where to buy it.

  100. Back in the early to late 1960’s my dad worked at Canada Dry in Franklin and Concord NH and We used to drink Wink, and Tahitian Treet and all of Canada Drys flavors! Their soda was The BEST!I remember the Logo “Wink,The Sassy One!” They had a promotiona blow up “Wink Gink” Doll with brightyellow hair, Very Funny looking. We had several of them. They also had “SPORT COLA” The first caffiene free cola. The had a promo delivery truck with a Sport Cola bottle on the roof. I have been looking for a Christmas Story in pamphlet form Called “The Mouse That Saved Christmas” I used to have copies of these quite some time ago but got lost due to a few moves. There was also Canada Dry Vodka and Gin and whiskey too. They had the best Grape , Rootbeer and Orange soda too! The main bottler in this area at the time was Waltham Mass.

  101. It made the greatest “Hurricane” with grenedine, rum, and a slice of orange. Where can I buy it?

  102. I would love to have some Wink. We drank it in Viet Nam 70-71. come on Canada Dry bring it back!!!

  103. I loved wink back in the 60’s it was available in Kentucky. Maybe early 70’s too. Why it disappeared I still don’t know. Bring it home to KENTUCKY!

  104. Loved Wink I basically don’t drink soda since the 1980’s when it faded out of colo.

    Pepsi came out with a close copy called Citrus Blast
    earlier this year but it has already shown up missing from our supermarkets
    Miss you Wink please come back

  105. I have loved Wink all my life. Last I saw it was in a grocery in Dallas TX, probably over 10 yrs ago. I’m in Charleston SC now and I would love to see it back on the shelves for us to buy and enjoy again!

    1. Bring back Wink to Canada ….us baby boomer would love to have it back.

  106. I loved Wink, grew up in Ontario and we drank it all the time, my parents always had it with Gin so when I was old enough it became my drink of choice, I miss it but I won’t pay to have it shipped from the U.S. especially if it doesn’t taste like the original! PLEASE bring the ORIGINAL back!

  107. I’m told that the current version of Wink is not the same as the original (surprise, surprise). The original had 5% real grapefruit juice. The new one has no grapefruit juice, but rather “citrus flavoring.” Plus the new is sickly sweet. The original was tart and tangy and thirst quenching. What a shame.

  108. If anyone is interested, my family was recently on vacation in Carolina Beach, NC and found Wink in the Food Lion grocery stores there. We bought every bottle they had. Then we went back before we left for home and bought every bottle again. Had not had it since I was little and it didn’t disappoint!

  109. WINK is the only pop I drink. I cannot drink anything with aspertame so I don’t drink pop anymore. I have been drinking cranberry juice since they quit making WINK. Please bring it back as my friends and I like WINK.

    1. I drank that all the time. I wish they would bring it back. Great drink

  110. I have not seen Wink for over 5 years. It used to be available Newmarket,Ontario, Canada. We moved and I never saw it again. This is a refreshing summer drink and is great mixer with Vodka. I know many people who would like to see it again.

    1. I love Wink. It will always be my favorite soft drink. I drank it while playing golf with my father and brother. My favorite fruit juice is grapefruit. The tart and tang will get you everytime. Best thirst quencher ever. Please produce it and I will buy it regularly. Somebody will make millions on this. Don’t let me down.

    2. Wink used to be my drink of choice. I used to drink it near daily. I loved the tanginess and bite! It was unlike anything else on the market and I sincerely miss it!

  111. I want to know if you can still get it and where? We grew up drinking it and miss it a lot.

  112. My stepfather’s father worked for Canada Dry and invented Wink….. how it got its name?

    “Wink” was the family dash hound’s name.

  113. I loved it when I was a kid through to when it disappeared. It and Tahiti Treat were my favourites, and in fact, my family won a watercraft called Ski Flee from Canada Dry in a Wink contest around 1968 or so.
    Would be nice if both came back – I believe they were both decent sellers in their time.

  114. If you’re lucky enough to live near a Wegmans supermarket they have a store brand soda called “Wedge” that comes in various fruit flavors. The grapefruit version is as close to Wink as you’ll ever find. Another idea-a former coworker used to mix grapefruit juice into Sprite when he couldn’t find Wink.

  115. i love drinking wink it was the best some people think zuench taste like it but it not even close would love to see it come back maybe then i wouldnt drink as mine pepsi and it would be better for you really would love to have some right now Please Bring It Back


  117. I loved Wink! Loved the unique grapefruity taste. Also loved their unique adversting: Wink! You like it! It likes you!

    I also remember Tahitian Treat, and White Rock sodas.

  118. Please bring this back just as it was. It is something that would be very refreshing in todays market.

  119. I hate to admit this, but when cleaning out a spare refrigerator in the basement, to be replaced by a new one, I discovered we had 2 bottles of the old Wink in the refrigerator. Is it still bottled? I believe I remember people using it with gin? I believe it was also a thirst quencher.

    1. I absolutley loved gin and wink…
      Oh I really wish they still made it, bring back Wink, why did you stop making it ????

  120. A visit to my aunt meant Wink as the adults did their thing. Loved it! Forgot all about it til I saw this.

  121. We used wink as a mixer for Jack Daniels!
    Loved it!

  122. I miss Wink! I loved the entire Wink concept back in the late 1960s. The taste was a bit tart but as a kid I felt a little more “grown up” drinking it. The bottles, the labeling and the ad campaigns were very well done. If they brought it all back just as it was I’d be a customer but if they mess with all that and make it unrecognizable to it’s original label then I wouldn’t be interested. Gosh, with all the vintage interest for the 1960s these days due in part to the highly rated MadMen tv series, you’d think that iconic companies would capitalize on that and reinstate 60s products and their vintage labeling and packaging. It’s not impossible to do it.

  123. I loved Wink. Growing up in NYC, we often had it in our house. Canada Dry had a couple of other drinks that I miss, one being “Tahitian Treat” (it can apparently be found in some parts of North America) and “Wild Cherry” (long gone, I think.)

    1. Love Wink; have a hard time finding it!

    2. I grew up with wink many moons ago. In fact, we had a wink thermometer outside our apartment. I wish you were still there so I could steal it back.

    3. I love Wink! Can you still buy it?

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