Rexall Brand Reappears at Dollar General

Rexall is back. Not as a store, as seen in the old Joe Garagiola live ad on The Today Show, but as a store brand for Dollar General.

Last March, the retail chain Dollar General said that it would be the exclusive retailer of a newly created line of Rexall-brand products. The Goodlettsville, Tenn. retailer, which has long had a presence on rural main streets near Rexall pharmacies, is in the process of capitalizing on the latent brand goodwill of Rexall, which was once one of the most trusted brands in the U.S. and Canada.

In the March press release, Todd Vasos, Dollar General’s chief merchandising officer had good things to say about the Rexall brand. “Rexall spent decades caring for generations of families in communities across the country through its drugstores, pharmacies and by developing high-quality, reputable products,” said Vasos in the release.

Rexall Bar Harbor, Maine.

“Dollar General is excited and proud to offer our customers that same heritage of dependable care and quality as we welcome Rexall products to our stores.”

The brand will is on over-the-counter medications, first aid, foot care, dental care, vitamins and supplements. The chain is promoting the brand with coupons on register tapes, seen above.

The brand has its roots with Louis Liggett, who formed a drugstore co-operative of independent pharmacies at the turn of the century (the register tape has the founding as 1903). Liggett was a master marketer, and gave strength to independent pharmacies through joint national advertising and radio.

While the chain eventually fell apart, the brand name survived. Even today, the signage of Rexall lived on with many signs remaining on stores across the U.S. Because these signs were not removed, this gave the brand extra visibility and longevity.


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  1. I have been using the ” Rexall Medicated Wipes” for about four years now. But the last six packages have gotten so difficult to get the wipes out that I have had cut all of the plastic covering out so that I can use the wipes. I opened one this morning and had to throw five away because they torn apart when I tried to get them out of the package. So I cut the package apart and put the wipes in a Ziploc bag that I can open and close easily. As I doubt there will be any chance in this product and I continue to buy it. I will continue to open the packages and put them in Ziploc bags so I don’t waste any of them.

  2. I think you have changed the Rexall nasal pump mist it used to work for me now it makes me sneeze,please fix this .Thanks

  3. your tooth floss is not the same as it was. it breaks easy.

  4. i have been using rexall tooth floss , but the last time i bought some at dollar genral and used it , it broke verry easy. i will not buy it again it is not the same quality it was.

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