NEW YORK – The sneaker brand Keds announced what they called a “brand refresh” this week. The Keds shoe brand has an updated logo in a newer shade of blue, in a promotional push coming after DSW’s purchase of the rubber shoe pioneer from Wolverine Worldwide. “The brand refresh is rootedMORE HERE

TEANECK, N.J. — As a promotion for the centennial of Walt Disney, the camera maker Leica Camera AG has released a special edition Leica Q2 “Disney 100 Years of Wonder” camera. The camera is decorated with sketches from early Mickey Mouse cartoons. The Leica company said in a press releaseMORE HERE

HERZOGENAURACH, Germany–The athletic shoe company Puma will turn 75 in 2023 and will celebrate its milestones with a series of events throughout the year under the banner of ‘Forever Faster’. “Puma’s founder Rudolf Dassler spoke about giving his athletes the agility and performance of a big cat, today we callMORE HERE

PURCHASE, N.Y. — Pepsi is introducing a new logo and visual identity system, the first update of the Pepsi globe logo in 14 years. Pepsi will release the new design in North America this autumn to coincide with the brand’s 125th anniversary, and globally in 2024, marking the brand’s nextMORE HERE

BATTLE CREEK, Mich., – In spite of a national concern over children’s health and sickening obesity and diabetes rates, Kellogg’s has come up with yet another junk food concoction, Kellogg’s Little Debbie Swiss Rolls Cereal. The cereal is a co-branded effort between the cereal company and McKee Foods, the maker ofMORE HERE

New York – On March 16, the board of the National Audubon Society announced that it had decided to retain the name of the organization, after a lengthy process to examine its name in light of the “personal history” of its namesake John James Audubon. The organization said that the decisionMORE HERE

CHICAGO – Radio and television stations such as WDIV in Detroit are in a flurry of 75th and 100th anniversaries, as radio arrived in the 1920s and television arrived in the 1940s. These anniversaries are the perfect opportunity for legacy broadcasters to celebrate their histories and call letter equity inMORE HERE