Carroll Reed. Just the mention evokes cozy New England towns, comfy sweaters, and snazzy ski apparel for that weekend trip to Stratton. Over two decades after its retail operations closed, it is still one of the more collectable vintage prep clothing brands. Even as it lives on in thrift shopsMORE HERE

HANOVER, Penn. – The Utz potato chip, and Utz Brands Inc. snack company, is celebrating 100 years. The brand dates from 1921, when William and Sally Utz started making potato chips in their house. The Utz girl has remained mostly unchanged over the decades, and was reportedly designed by aMORE HERE

The United States once had dozens of pencil manufacturers. Among the better known was the Union Pencil Company Inc. of New York, also a maker of erasers. The Union pencils, first an independent company, became a sister pencil product brand and sub brand of Eberhard Faber of Brooklyn. The UnionMORE HERE